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Sànima, Herbes de Eivissa

With Sànima’s Laia Ribes you can enjoy an aromatic experience in her visitable garden, learn about the medicinal properties of plants and make your own products. She also holds workshops where you can discover how to create your own garden of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Phone: +34 678 785 697

Centro Auditivo Gabos

Can you hear me? Centro Auditivo Gabos offers you a free hearing test so you can find out whether you need professional help for possible hearing loss. Raoni Gabos is in charge of this accredited centre, which is located in Santa Eulària and has newly refurbished facilities.

Phone: + 34 620 812 523

Garden Nebulization

Annoying insects will no longer be a problem in your island garden. This misting system using oils and natural essences was created in Italy and has been imported by Tommy Fiorentino. It forms a protective barrier that repels all kinds of insects, as well as rats, snakes and other pests.

Phone: +34 663 035 453

Less Filling

If you still haven’t discovered Sole Kulnarong and her artisan screen-printing project, Less Filling, here’s your chance. In her Sant Carles studio, she creates screen prints on fabric using different artistic and design techniques. She also makes prints for businesses and runs workshops. 



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