Richart: the Ibiza aura painter

Meet RichArt, the only aura painter in the world. A man who dedicates his time helping people to become more in time with their intuition.

Nativ alert: news from Ibiza and Formentera you should know

IbizaPreservation has announced it allocated over €360,000 to its four strategic projects in 2021; Konstantinos Panagiotidis of Jul’s Restaurant has been named Best Bartender in Spain 2022… Nativ Alert: news from Ibiza and Formentera you should know.

Ibiza, the creative island: why do all the artists come here?

Ibiza has been drawing artists, musicians, designers and creatives from all walks of life for decades to add to its huge pool of local native talent. what is it that makes the island such a fertile place, and a magnet for those seeking freedom of expression?