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Add to contacts (II)

Sànima, Herbes de Eivissa With Sànima’s Laia Ribes you can enjoy an aromatic experience in her visitable garden, learn about the medicinal properties of plants and make your own products. She also holds workshops where you can discover how to create your own garden of aromatic and medicinal plants. Phone: +34 678 785 697 Centro […]

Nativ Natives (II)

YAMILA MORALESYoga instructor I was giving a class. A girl appeared saying that she had lost her clothes and asked if she could practice naked. My answer was that she should do it however she felt comfortable.  JORGE DE URQUÍAPadel tennis teacher Someone asked me if I could give a child private lessons, and I […]

Add to contacts

Add to contacts: An address book of people from Ibiza we’d love to meet offline.

International Ibiza (II)

Mars MixonUnited States  Born in Jamaica and raised in the United States, Mars Mixon arrived in the year 2000, and as he always does when he sets foot in a new place, he contacted the hip-hop community in Ibiza. With 20 years of experience as a producer and DJ, he was so successful playing funk and […]


NAMI We all like a clean home, but what we don’t want is super-powerful disinfectants. This is where NAMI comes in. Developed with the aim of gently encouraging equilibrium with probiotic microorganisms: home cleaning, organic-fertiliser, personal hygiene, drinks, pet care – even though the products vary, the component at the base remains the same. Dreams […]

International Ibiza

Mathijs BouwerNetherlands Mathijs Bouwer first came in 2014 attracted by “a very beautiful island, with fantastic people from all over the world and that was very close to home, just a two-hour flight away”. Originally from the city of The Hague in the Netherlands, Mathijs continued to visit the island two or three times a year, […]

Power balance

VICENT MARÍ IBIZA COUNCIL “I MAINTAIN A BALANCED DIET BY EATING A LOT OF LOCAL AND SEASONAL PRODUCE” What habits do you cultivate to take care of yourself and stay in shape? Although day-to-day life sometimes makes it difficult, I try to maintain a balanced diet. Above all, I consume a lot of local and […]



Biohacking is essentially health optimisation. It encompasses a range of practices – from optimising the fundamentals of good health like nutrition, sleep and light exposure through to more technologically advanced practices such as using infrared saunas, cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, ozone therapy and functional health testing. Biohacking benefits Biohacking can deepen your awareness of your body’s […]

The end of the logo

Let’s look back at how we have dressed over the last six to eight years: good styling could not be understood without the presence of a brand or a clearly visible logo. Crossed initials, small embroidered badges, figures and scribbles of any kind that unmistakably allude to a well-known designer have been synonymous with power […]

Buying Immortality?

Back in 2017 Former Facebook President Sean Parker said: “Because I am a billionaire I am going to have access to better healthcare. So, I am going to be 160 and I’m going to be part of this class of immortal overlords.” He may – may – have been joking, but recent tech bro behaviour […]

Women making a difference

ARGUIÑE ESCANDÓN The gift of interpreting reality through images The gaze of photographer Arguiñe Escandón, a resident of the island of Ibiza for more than a decade, focuses her attention on psychological and sociological aspects, as well as the exploration of bonds. She has just arrived from France, where, at the iconic Les Rencontres d’Arles […]