Jordi Baró: Firefighting Helicopter Pilot

Jordi Baró

How difficult is it to fly a firefighting helicopter? There are two types of flights: those that carry people and those related to aerial work, which range from checking power lines and laying electricity cables, to fighting fires. With all aerial work, the risk is that you fly very close to the ground, which means […]

Kids just wanna have fun

LA CURUNDANA HOSTAL This family-friendly venue in Salinas offers special birthday packages, live music performances, healers, a dedicated kids’ playground and a delicious menu for the whole family to enjoy. ROCKID IBIZA SUMMER CAMP Offers thrilling activities like cliff jumping, paddle-boarding, rock climbing and THE PROJECT Their summer camp offers a range of activities […]

Descending rugged cliffs as an escape route

The cliff on which La Mola lighthouse is located, in Formentera, is one of the most spectacular spots on the island, where the ground ends to make way for the immensity of the Mediterranean. This iconic place appears in the adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, Héctor Servadac, published in 1877. From the […]

Optimum Nutrition

It used to be the case that you’d go to a nutritionist and come away with a diet plan that encouraged you to eat more whole, natural foods and cessed junk. Perhaps you might have had a few supplement recommendations included in your plan. But nutritionists of today are taking things to another level. Advances […]

Married to the sea

María, who is a qualified sailor but does not work as such, lends her support from the land by sewing up any nets that have broken at sea. She is also a member of the Ibiza Women’s Fishing Network, the first female group in the sector in the Balearic Islands. From the sa Caleta wharf, […]

Omar Enfenddal: the artist who turns fashion garments into works of art

Omar Enfenddal’s artistic penchant is for perfection and details. For this reason, although he started out as a graffiti artist in his native Madrid, he has not painted so many train carriages – he didn’t like the idea of running away without being able to put the finishing touches to his work. “I liked the […]

Helen Watson. Adéu!

The president of the Association Ibiza and Formentera Against Cancer (IFCC), Helen Watson, left us on July 26, 2023, after a life dedicated to service – first to her fellow countrymen, and then to cancer patients on the Pityuses, who affectionately called her their ‘fairy godmother’. Born in Newcastle in 1951, Helen settled on Ibiza […]

Keep calm and carry… hormones

You have a profile on all sorts of social networks, on online sales pages, on websites that offer tailor-made information about restaurants, concert tickets and beauty treatments… But have you ever thought of getting a hormonal profile? Hormones are chemicals present in the blood that are necessary for processes such as hunger, sleep, sexual desire, […]

Top ten tattoo studios

01Tattikus Tattoo C/ Carles V, esquina José Cuadrado, 14 bajos. 638 49 10 34Since 1993 / All souls are welcome. 02Last for Life Tattoo Carrer del Comte de Rosselló, 1, Ibiza. 693 27 15 72Enter as a customer, leave as a friend. 03EZK8 Calle de Extremadura, 27, bajos, Ibiza.971 30 35 99/ 629 573 953Tattoos, […]

Coyote Ibiza: A true taste of Mexico!

Cooking Mexican food outside Mexico is not easy: it’s hard to find the proper ingredients and takes a team with a true knowledge of Mexico to get the flavours right. Coyote, a lovely little spot in San Jose that opened last year, have managed to bring perfect little platefuls of authentic Mexican food (including some […]

Stephanie Eliyahoo

We love IZAKAYA, Stephanie. What, to you, are the vital ingredients that make it work? When you enter IZAKAYA, you immediately feel that you are going to a high-end but also open and informal restaurant. For us it’s not only about food; it’s about the entire dining experience. How did you become involved? After studying […]