A big little Ibiza: 26 summers on Cala Nova

It’s early morning on a typical July day at Ibiza’s Camping Cala Nova Playa. Early risers like Sandra, a Dutch tourist who’s been coming here for eight years, head to the beach to take a dip and practice yoga while watching the sun rise. Gastón, a native of Argentina who’s a full-time resident here, opens […]

International Ibiza

Japan Hideki Aoyama After roaming the world for 10 years, Aoyama settled in Ibiza in 2003. His Japanese father had been a Silicon Valley pioneer in the 1970s, heavily involved with the invention of the microchip, but Aoyama junior was more interested in cooking and eating.After six years in tiny Plaza de sa Drassaneta, his cult […]

The Inspiration Issue (III)

Lola Ferrer Pujol: the director of destiny William Shakespeare said, “Destiny is the one that shuffles the cards, but we’re the ones who play.» Lola Ferrer studied to become a teacher «almost by chance». For many years now she’s headed S’Olivera, one of the most innovative public schools in Ibiza. Its ethos is that students […]

Electric Dreams

Back in 2014, if you wanted to charge an electric vehicle in Ibiza you had the grand total of ONE option: a charge point in Ibiza Town near the old clock. The typical refrain from Ibiza residents was “it never worked.” In July 2015, Ibiza Green Car launched 10 Renault Zoes for rent. As Ibiza […]

The Inspiration Issue (II)

Pedro Hormigo: A song of bronze and fire “Bronze has always appealed to me because of the role that fire plays in the process of creating it. When I melt bronze in fire, I feel connected to some primal side of humanity. We evolved thanks to fire.” So says Pedro Hormigo, the Ibicencan sculptor who […]

¡Qué viva la Malanga!

Malanga Cafe Ibiza

Born out of a passion for music of black origin in all its manifestations – soul, funk, jazz, Afro (“especially a lot of Afro, that’s what moves us”), reggae, Latin, boogaloo, salsa brava, and hip-hop, among others – Malanga first opened its doors on May 8, 2015. The club has a live music licence and […]

The Inspiration Issue (I)

BES: Our god, our inspiration A symbol of fertility, patron of gestation and childbirth. He bestows good luck and, above all, provokes laughter and a cheerful disposition. He looks after all matters related with love, but is also associated with sex and libertine pleasures. He is a grotesque god who makes people laugh, a buffoon […]

Theatre of the Ancients

Did the world of the ancients and mythology intrigue you as a child?  I definitely spent most of my time in my imagination, and stories were my lifeline. On my father’s side of the family my roots go back to Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. As a child I was very much influenced by […]

A design for life

“Design is an expression of purpose. It may, if it is good enough, later be judged as art, but first it has to create a solution.” The American designer Charles Eames wrote those words half a century ago, but in today’s crisis climate they are as relevant as ever. As war, drought and environmental disaster […]

Malamba, Master of Metal

Malamba, master of metal, Nativ Ibiza

Malamba was born in Argentina but has also lived in Colombia and the US. His extraordinary metal sculptures are currently the talk of the art scene in Ibiza, with some of his pieces selling for over 10,000 euros. And, it’s no wonder – they really are pieces of intricate beauty. “The soul of my pieces […]

Cactus Love: Lombribiza cactus nursery

She was from a family of antique dealers, managing an art gallery in Paris. He was a reporter and photographer, covering conflicts in Europe and the Middle East. They met at a friend’s party, fell in love and made a blissfully happy life in the French capital. Until one of their brothers invited them to […]