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Best start with breakfast

Recharge your nutritional batteries and tantalise your taste-buds with a morning breakfast with friends at The Green Market.

Replenish essential proteins

Did you know that while you sleep your body breaks down more protein than it builds? A simple way to replace these vital nutrients? Eat a breakfast with at least 7g of protein: try eggs, porridge with yoghurt, nuts and seeds folded into smoothie, or smoked salmon.

Fuel for the day

Breakfast gets your metabolism going and should, ideally, provide about 20% of your daily energy needs. Fruits and whole grains can supply essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate and fibres


After a long or heavy night, rehydrating in the morning is absolutely vital: fluids remove waste, regulate body temperature, keep muscles and joints supple and are key to good organ function. Obviously, water is great, but fresh juices can add vitamins and minerals, and coffee and teas are now recognised as superb hydrating drinks.

Build strong bones

By the age of 18, your body has formed 90% of the bone mass you’ll have in your lifetime, which is why calcium stored at a young age is vital. But regularly eating calcium-rich food at breakfast is a habit you should develop to last your whole life. Dairy foods, nuts and whole grains are all key to your calcium intake.

Vitamin D is key

Vitamin D is becoming recognised as an essential nutrient for immune support and helping the body absorb calcium. You can get vitamin D from sunlight (so take that coffee outside: just 30 minutes a day can help!) but smoked salmon and eggs also contain D.

Fibre is your friend

Fibre lowers blood cholesterol and controls blood sugar, makes you feel full, promotes healthy bowel movements and absorbs water to improve your gut health. Try some yoghurt on muesli, a pot of fresh fruit and nuts, or whole-grain bread to get things moving every morning!

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We all remember as kids being told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. As the years pass and our lives become faster-paced, this sound advice often falls by the wayside. Breakfast is not simply a great way to recharge your batteries or recover from a long night, it is also the best thing you can do for your body and mind every morning. The Green Market offers not just great food and drinks to kick-start the new day but also delivers a healthy dose of sociability, putting you in a good mindset and lifting your spirits.