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An exclusive break in the authentic Ibiza

Can Lluc combines the relaxed Ibiza that enchanted its first visitors with a privileged location, meaning you won’t miss anything the island has to offer.

Disconnecting the mind and offering the body a tranquil environment is a privilege that is increasingly sought after. That’s why people from all over the world come to Ibiza, because there are still places that transmit energy, a connection with nature, relaxation and enjoyment. This is the authentic Ibiza that visitors have been falling in love with for decades; and it sums up the exclusive retreat of Can Lluc, “the place where the island rests”.

Authenticity and disconnection just fifteen minutes from any point on the island; a place to have fun, relax, eat well, spend a day on a boat and dance in the beach clubs. Located in a quiet valley surrounded by nature, this is a serene space in one of the best agritourism venues on Ibiza. Can Lluc offers a genuine, relaxing experience in the Ibizan countryside, not unlike what the first visitors to the island enjoyed – a space where nature and attention to detail coexist in perfect harmony.

Can Lluc Ibiza

An old farmhouse and its out buildings have been converted into a boutique hotel. It is a place that maintains its family heritage and incorporates new generations into its philosophy of transmitting the essence of authentic Ibiza in a sustainable and responsible way, with respect to the environment and the local community. Surrounded by lush pine forests and beautiful landscapes, it has a main house and annexes that are more than 300 years old, with traditional Ibizan architecture, stone walls and wooden ceilings.

Can Lluc combines the rustic rooms of the old farmhouse with new villas, which have been carefully decorated with original features and furniture from the family. Surrounding the buildings are lush gardens with olive, lemon and aromatic pine trees that provide a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for the activities and services offered, such as personalized retreats, workshops, hiking routes or a simple relax around the pool. What’s more, the sunsets at Can Lluc are magical and offer a natural spectacle that enhances the beauty of the surroundings.

Can Lluc Ibiza

In line with its commitment to sustainability and local gastronomy, we find the cozy and elegant Can Lluc restaurant, which offers fresh and natural produce from nearby orchards and farms. It is a culinary experience that celebrates Mediterranean and Ibizan cuisine, and, according to its philosophy, it focuses on local and national seasonal ingredients along with a selection of wines and cocktails.

Carretera Sant Rafel a Santa Agnès, Km 2.
Camí des Tercet, Sant Rafel.
(+34) 971 19 86 73