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Carolina Gambín, the owner of IBIZA ESSENCE, the bottles with natural aromas from Ibiza

Carolina Gambín, founder and owner Ibiza Essence, discovered her place and her passion after a holiday to Ibiza changed her life.

Carolina Gambín, founder and owner Ibiza Essence, discovered her place and her passion after a holiday to Ibiza changed her life.

Tell us a little bit about your upbringing.

I was born in Murcia, the daughter of a businessman and embroiderer, but my grandmother raised me, and she actually introduced me to spiritual healing when I was five years old! 

Were you always a creative person?

Yes, I spent a lot of time alone at home and entertained myself by decorating and styling my room. My father bought a house on the edge of Mar Menor for the summers, and this had an influence on me because of its design and furniture. From the house you could see the sunset over the water. It was paradise.

Did this make you see a difference between urban life and life in nature?

I couldn’t understand why that natural lifestyle was so wonderful and how everyday life in the city was so tedious. Why didn’t we live in nature all the time?

But you stayed and eventually became an architect?

As a teenager I bought all the fashion, art, architecture and design and interior magazines. Even then design, spirituality and a love for nature were present in everything I do. I moved to Madrid to study Higher Architecture, but I realise this was a wish of my father. I lost connection with my intuition and felt I had to satisfy other people’s expectations. 

So, you were living the hectic life of a city professional?

I was the perfect hyper-caffeinated workaholic: I set up an event design studio with friends while renovating bars and houses on my own, working on multiple projects. I couldn’t find meaning in my lifestyle but I didn’t know how to stop. But I realised I didn’t want to be an architect!

So, tell us about this life-changing holiday to Ibiza.

A friend invited me to spend a few days on a boat around Ibiza and Formentera, and that was the origin of a “journey” of self-knowledge in search of and acceptance of my “true essence”. Sailing around Ibiza I was entranced by the aromas of pine and rosemary that the warm air brought to the boat. Those smells made me be completely present in my body, at the moment my mind stopped.

Es Vedra hold a special meaning for you?

Every time we passed or bathed near Es Vedrá, I noticed a very strong rush of energy, a euphoria and happiness that soon translated into a mental clarity, energy, confidence and inner strength that I did not know before.

Your idea came together, using aroma as a bedrock for well-being

Each aura mist and its name are both tools and reminders that help us to be “conscious” creators of our reality, not to let ourselves be carried away by social or family conditioning.
Using them daily, we can change our moods (and therefore our destiny) at will in seconds just by applying the mist and inhaling its perfume with an intention.

What would you say your main ethos is with the aura mists?

Aromatherapy combined with meditation provide the inner peace, emotional balance and empowerment necessary to generate positive and sustained changes in our lives.
That we are 100% solely responsible for our lives and how we feel.


Calma El Alma: Chill out, relax, sleep siesta. Lavender, juniper, myrtle.

Radical Self Love: Ready to give and receive. Jasmin, geranium, frankincense.

Freedom: Just go and be! Mint, rosemary, sage.

Pure Joy: Passion and purposeVerbena, grapefruit, cinnamon.

Manifest: Abundance and prosperityBergamot, lemon, cedar wood, lavender