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Cas Costas: Holy Cow!

Cas Costas

When you take a table on the lovely terrace at Cas Costas, with its flowering tree in the centre and the mouth-watering smell of grilled meat drifting through the air, you know you are about to be served some of the finest, high-quality meat in Ibiza. Tender and supremely flavoured, the cuts of aged Gallego beef are the best. But then we realised we didn’t actually know where the different cuts of meat come from on this noble cow. Well, with the help of our Cas Costas Guide, you can now see exactly where each cut is from, and feel slightly smug the next time somebody asks you what a sirloin is.

Cas Costas is certified as an Ecological Farm by the European Union.
C/ Migjorn Gran, 13, Ses Salines – Sant Josep. Ibiza.
Telephone: 971 308 755 / E-mail: