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Catch a wave

Combining the natural pleasures of the island with more sophisticated appetites, Paddle Ibiza launches new nautical experiences for the summer.

Whilst gazing out to sea from the comfort of your beach towel, have you ever wondered what secret coves might just be around the shoreline? What could be lurking in those dark caves? What else is out there? Then meet the guys at Paddle Ibiza, the company answering all these questions by bringing SUPing into the mix in many creative ways. It’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing sports of the millennium,

“Ibiza is an island that invokes a desire to properly live life,” smiles Paddle Ibiza boss Luke Percy. “To be honest I wasn’t sure of what I was going to make of the island when I first arrived three years ago, but it’s just so magical. Whether it’s the beauty of the island or the friendliness of the people, I’ve never felt such energy in any other place. Being here makes you want to get out into nature; go for a walk, get on a bike or dive into the water.”

Providing a total body-and-core work out, a dynamic way to appreciate the environment and getting a suntan to boot, Paddle Ibiza are expanding their programme for 2019 by entering the world of wellness. Alongside their explorer and sunset/sunrise expeditions, you can now plug into your inner-self with one of their guided group sessions of chanting, meditation or yoga. Also new for the summer is their romantic dining experience for two out at sea with food prepared by one of the island’s leading chefs, whilst there are even plans for an acoustic live concert. Now isn’t that something to dream about?

Paddle Ibiza, Catch a wave

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