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Chabeli: Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle

Undeniably one of the stars of Ibiza. Meet Chabeli, the resident DJ at Cosmic Pineapple, who was born in the Venezuelan Amazon and is now spreading love through her music.
By Dan Prince · Photo: @Delfinaodetonature

“When I was a young girl growing up, I had a radio and would listen to pop music from the United States and Europe. The sounds, lyrics and themes became my connection to the Western world, but I always remember our weekly family barbeques where we would put on salsa and merengue music and dance the entire night. Being a Latina, moving my body to the rhythm of music has always been natural to me.”

Today Chabeli is one of the stars of Kim Booth’s Cosmic Pineapple party, the conscious experiment featuring a diverse connection of souls and a raising of collective vibrations. “It is interesting to see the diverse currents of art in the same space. It is an experience where no matter how diverse the crowd is, everything feels integrated, like a river with different currents where Kim is the wave shaper of this course of cosmic magic.”

After first diving into the electronic scene in Venezuela, and then Panama, it was Ibiza that acted as a magnet yet again – pulling in souls perfectly formed for our shores. “I always had a realization that I had this feeling for music and could myself become a DJ and producer. It felt like there are few female DJs playing in a less angular vibe and that I could start to build my own path in the electronic music world. After starting my career in Mexico and growing it in Italy, I had the opportunity to come to Ibiza. I’m sure we all can relate how this island creates a space for epic experiences, how it helps us to connect more deeply within a sense of appreciation for music, and how this element nourishes every single moment here. Living in Ibiza has given me a wonderful perspective on how this island that imports such incredible talent is also a place where nature and community are at the root of everything.”

Chabeli is without doubt a perfect addition to the music scene on an island overcrowded with high-roller DJs simply zooming in and out to collect top dollar. “A little 4-year-old friend from the island told me that her superpower is her family and friends. That response and willingness to live beyond the self is what makes me bow my head to my heart. It ignites the fire of my soul and makes me walk with more caution in a world that tempts you to distance yourself from the most valuable thing: the simplicity of being human.”


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