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Champions family: two cousins from Ibiza share a passion in the sport of jet skiing

Two cousins from Ibiza –Alex Prats Palau & Juan Carlos ‘Peke’ Palau– share a passion and a magnificent record in the sport of jet skiing.
Elena Sánchez

Alex Prats Palau and Juan Carlos ‘Peke’ Palau are two cousins from Ibiza who, in addition to blood, share a passion and a magnificent record in the sport of jet skiing, where they have reached the podium in world, European and national championships on numerous occasions despite their young age.

 “We started training a little bit by chance and right away we went to our first World Cup. We’re talking 2018 and we were by far the youngest competitors in our category at only 16 years old, which gave us a ton of experience.”

Five years later and despite their successes, it is clear that “you can’t live off powerboating and if it weren’t for the sponsors it would be impossible to compete.”  

Their opponents are “people who don’t earn their living from this yet devote their lives to it. People with money who can dedicate themselves exclusively to training and who show up at the competitions with trucks and lots of preparation, while we show up exhausted, with a van and a trailer.” “Now we have a driver’s license, but until recently our mothers always drove us on very long trips to compete  in Hungary, Poland, Croatia… from Ibiza! We have a lot to thank them for, to be honest.” However, although Alex and Juan Carlos are rivals on the water, “we form a team outside of it. Together we analyze the circuits and lines and share strategies and we always help each other.” In the end, the last thing that remains is always the family.

GRAND PRIX of ITALY, Olbia, Italy, September 17 – 19th 2021. Photo: Arek Rejs.


Spain Champion 2020 and 2021
Campeón Copa del Rey Champion 2020 and 2021
Third place European Championship 2019
Third place World Championship 2021

Spain Champion 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.
Second place European Championship GP4 2020 and 2021
Third and second place World Championship 2019 and 2021


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