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Coyote Ibiza: A true taste of Mexico!

Finding really authentic Mexican food outside Mexico is hard, but Coyote Ibiza have pulled it off – with great cocktails and good music just adding to the mix.
Coyote Ibiza

Cooking Mexican food outside Mexico is not easy: it’s hard to find the proper ingredients and takes a team with a true knowledge of Mexico to get the flavours right. Coyote, a lovely little spot in San Jose that opened last year, have managed to bring perfect little platefuls of authentic Mexican food (including some great regional variations) to Ibiza, with the added bonus of truly superb cocktails (try the Triple Dragon or the Aztec Elixir and you’ll see what we mean) – and an eclectic mix of music adding to the pleasure and good vibes. The place is friendly and welcoming, with cactus decorating the spacious terrace – a lovely place to meet friends and enjoy some of the best mezcal we have had on the island!

The food is really well thought-out: tacos come in pairs and fillings are perfect. In Mexico, they say that a taqueria is as good as its salsas: the salsas and the guacamole at Coyote are very, very good. Homemade with eight types of chiles, the knowledge of true Mexican flavours rings out. Tacos with authentic toppings like cochinita pibil and tinga chicken are a delight; the ceviches are sublime. New creative offerings are introduced every two weeks by a skilled, experimental kitchen that knows its stuff. If you want to be transported to the smells and flavours of Mexico in Ibiza, Coyote will not disappoint.

Carrer de Pere Escanellas, 30, Ibiza.
Tel. 871 73 08 34