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We interviewed the musician Danilo Martínez Boerr, president of the Ibiza Musicians Association

“Ibiza has more than 50 artistic offerings ranging from folk to rock and including blues, tango and Balkan music.”
Elena Sánchez

A drummer in bands such as The Groovy Brothers, The Moonshine Band, Idò Mata’ls Band and Eivissurfers, Danilo Martínez Boerr (Montevideo, Uruguay, 32 years old) has also presided the Ibiza Musicians Association since its foundation in 2018. Want to know more about the live music scene on the island? Then read on!

Tell us about the association you head.

The main goal is to fight for live music on the island by creating and seeking a legal framework to ensure there are more available venues; achieving better conditions for musicians, and scheduling workshops on intellectual property or taxation applied to music.

Do you receive sufficient support from local authorities?

Thing have been evolving favorably since the crisis of the sound limiters in 2018, when San José was aiming to tackle the excesses of other sectors; city officials ultimately understood that it was irrational to make live music go through a limiter, and we arrived at the current regulations, under which there are dozens of performances in town every week. San José has additionally launched a public rehearsal room, an idea that is also taking shape in Santa Eulalia. But the most important issue, involving permits, is still not working as it should and that is why we continue to put forward proposals to the government of the Balearic Islands, in order to expand the possibilities of licensing.

How many artists and musical groups can we find in Ibiza?

We have about 50 artistic offerings of very diverse styles ranging from folk to rock and blues and also including other genres such as tango or Balkan music. Our association publishes an annual catalog listing the artists and bands on the island and we send this list to both public and private promoters in order to encourage them to hire these performers. The catalog can be viewed online at

Which venues offer live music?

Music venues were already going through a very tough time, and the pandemic was the final blow for many of them. But I can think of EsBirra in Es Canar, JazzTaBé in Vila, Social Point in Can Bellotera, Teatro Ibiza in Vila or Novo in San Antonio. Live music in Ibiza takes place mainly outdoors, but as an association we never lose sight of the indoor venues that are so important in the development of the music scene.

What is the must-see lineup of local bands and live gigs in Ibiza and Formentera this summer?

If I had to choose, I would recommend the places that are committed to live music all year long with stable programming, such as Can Jordi every Thursday and Saturday, Cala Llenya Restaurant, Teatro Ibiza, Social Point or the JazzTaBé room. Any one of them is a great place to enjoy the best music and the best artists the island has to offer.


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