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We got your back

Meet the new team representing the real heartbeat of Ibiza – its resident DJs and producers.
By Dan Prince

“It should have happened a long time ago,” admits Christian Len, the president of the newly formed DIPEF association. “But after the pandemic, the sector realized that they really needed more tools to protect their jobs and their labour conditions, which was the final push to make it real.”

The founders of DIPEF include some of the island’s best-loved resident DJs: Anna Tur, David Moreno, Igor Marijuan, DJ Oliver and Rafa Ariza – while the likes of DJ Pippi, Joan Ribas, Valentin Huedo and Manu González have all offered support.

DIPEF intends to be a platform and voice for its members, aiming to strengthen the local music industry and its professionals, take care of brand ‘Ibiza’ and, maybe most important of all, increase the visibility of resident DJs.

So why do so many of Ibiza’s finest still find it difficult to tour the world and earn the big money? “We’ve been saying it for years that the local clubs don’t support the local talent. But the truth is, the local DJ community has never been united to defend their place in the industry and their interests. Until now.”


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