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Es Tap Nou takes care of you

The best breakfasts, juices and salads made with local, fresh and quality products to share with whomever you want in the heart of Ibiza.
Es Tap Nou Ibiza

What we eat represents who we are. Because of this, Es Tap Nou has been lovingly selecting the best quality fruit and vegetables for more than forty years. You can enjoy them at home, via their takeaway service, or as well-priced and exquisite breakfasts and brunches in situ. There is a reason it is the favorite store-cafeteria for those who know what’s on offer in Ibiza.

Es Tap Nou Ibiza

Their store is one of the best on the island if you like authentic and natural flavors. It is practically impossible to walk past their fruit and vegetable stand, such are the colors and aromas that emanate from there. Imagine the taste! Fresh, local and affordable produce to help you take care of your body every day, and also to supply you with fruit and vegetable baskets for those you want to treat.

If you want to treat yourself there and then, the Es Tap Nou cafeteria prepares delicious combinations with products from the fruit store, to be enjoyed sitting down or as a take out throughout the day. We couldn’t choose between all of the items on their extensive menu, so we asked Es Tap Nou to select three of their favorite products so that you can order them directly and start the day in a healthy way.

Tradition and healthy food in the same place and at any time, to take care of you, yours and your environment.


Toast with avocado and iberian ham

A delicious stick of cereal bread under a layer of fresh avocado and the best Iberian ham.


Goat cheese salad

A combination of mezclum baby leaves, arugula, corn, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, ham, honey and a delicious goat cheese.


Juice of the day

A detox juice containing fresh strawberries, blackberries, beets and oranges straight from the fruit store, resulting in a beautiful purple color, an incredible flavor and the best vitamins.

Carrer Madrid, 18
Ibiza Town. Ibiza
Tel: 971 399 841