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Conoce a la familia IBANGO de Ibiza

One Nation Under A Groove

Walking through the hills of Sant Rafel one evening, you may hear the distant drums of the Ibango Tribe echoing across the fields. Taking place in an old music school with its own amphitheatre, The Gathering is the brainchild of ex-London nightclub promoter Trace Harris, who every Tuesday invites musicians and non-musicians alike to come and jam with like-minded souls as day turns to night. “It is arguably the most authentic Ibiza experience on the island,” says Harris. “There are at least 1000 Tribe members who come together throughout the year. Pretty much every musical instrument is represented, along with the best voices you’ll ever hear, singing what I call spiritual blues.” Nothing changes hands at The Gathering – it’s all about the love of music, the love of simple vegan food and experiencing authentic Ibiza magic. “Everything is completely improvised and from the heart,” says Harris. “It’s a gathering of all cultures and beliefs, where colour and age are of no concern. It’s a perfect world.”

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Domenico Caputo, Italy
Imca Lighart, Netherlands
Florence Roth, France
Silvia Stuf, Romania
Trace Harris, UK
Iris Schaak, Germany
Frank Stutgart, Germany
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Bradley Sinclair, UK
Anne Kite, Belgium
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Yuri Barrera Corvalan, Netherlands
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