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Fashion, jewelery, food… Shopping in Ibiza

Fashion, jewelery, food… Shopping in Ibiza. We travel the island looking for new stores and wonderful creations.
Dan Prince

Fashion, jewelery, food… Shopping in Ibiza. We travel the island looking for new stores and wonderful creations.

01. Ibizan Honey

People have been making honey in Ibiza since the time of the Phoenicians, and the practice carries on today. Three times every year the honey is collected and each batch has unique features: early spring tastes of almond and citrus; late spring more of thyme and herbs and in autumn the highly prized nectar has carob and heather notes. Always go for artisan honey that has not been industrially treated and remains in its perfect natural state. 

02. Ibizaloe

The healing properties of the aloe plant are well documented, and local company Ibizaloe has produced a whole range of skincare products using the vitamin and enzyme-rich gel of this incredible plant. You’ll find sun creams, shampoos, repair creams and creams formulated for everything from scars and spots to sunburn and insect bites – all items no home should be without.

03. A:11:11

Launched in 2020 by Norwegian Annette Rian and Austrian designer Christoph Reschreiter, this Ibiza-based fashion brand combines futuristic looks with functionality and comfort. It makes bikinis, handbags and whole outfits, but we are drawn to the West-coast chic of its sombreros, which carry off the neat trick of combining rock-star chic and funky gaucho.

04. Syd and Rex

There is an old Mediterranean saying that roughly translates as “you can never have enough super-cool swimwear, traveller”. We think this is very true, particularly if your eyes fall upon the fantastic designs of Ibiza brand Syd and Rex. We especially love the graphic Ibiza-island design, made from upcycled marine plastic and recycled PET bottles. Go eco-chic on the beach!

05. Majoral

Enric and Roc Majoral have been making Formentera-inspired crafted jewellery masterpieces for years: their Posidonia Collection is particularly highly regarded. Their latest creation is a limited-edition ring made in a collaborative project with Belgian artist Michel Mouffe in which they also invited artists and friends to participate. The result is stunning: a ring inspired by a simplified, rolled-up drop of water. 

06. Lovy Ibiza

Started in a little store in Dalt Vila 19 years ago, Lovy Ibiza takes inspiration from all around the islands and channels it into its unique hand-made leather goods. With gorgeous bags, belts and much more, the beautifully crafted products are loosely split into boho-chic and a more functional “Citizen” collection of travel bags, briefcases and wallets


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