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The first international art fair lands this Wednesday in Ibiza

We talk to Sergio Sancho, founder of the Contemporary Art Now (CAN) art fair, which is heading to Ibiza today Wednesday until next Sunday.
Massimo Shadi Saab

Madrid native Sergio Sancho, 44, has turned his passion into his work. After studying business and working in advertising, for the last six years he has devoted himself to the art world. In 2017 he created the Urvanity contemporary art fair (UVNT Art Fair) – which is held in Madrid to coincide with the ARCO international art fair – and from July 13 to 17 he will be in Ibiza with Contemporary Art Now (CAN), which brings together around 30 galleries from around the world.

Why Ibiza? 

We saw that Ibiza did not have an international fair and that very few fairs are held in the summer. We thought it would be a good idea to bring a new project to the island.  

What’s so special about this island? 

It has something magical and different. What’s more it has hosted artists and creators since time immemorial. We want the fair to be totally different: it will be curated by Croatian critic and communicator Sasha Bogojev, it will operate on an invitation basis and it will only be open in the afternoons. The gallery owners, collectors and other cultural agents will be able to enjoy the island the rest of the time. 

How do you see the role of the gallery owner? 

It is very important. It allows the artists to focus on their work while they are in charge of making it grow by talking to museums, collectors, foundations… 

The first international art fair lands this Wednesday in Ibiza
Aaron Johnson, Exhibition A.

The art world seems particularly vibrant at the moment. Is it a reaction to the pandemic?

It’s always in constant flux, but it’s true that in recent years, even before COVID, the sector has grown a lot. The Asian market is playing an important role and the pandemic has made us realize that we cannot live without culture.  

Is it important for artists to try to understand and comment on the times they live in?

The art world has understood the times we are living in and has adapted very well. It is a sector that was not very digitalized and it has transformed quickly. Even so, it is still important to have a physical presence at art events. 

The first international art fair lands this Wednesday in Ibiza
Ana Barriga, Volery Gallery.

Do you have a favourite artist? 

I’m very close to the artistic styles that will be on show at CAN. Sasha’s selection is impeccable – I’d buy everything! 

What do you think about NFTs?

I think they’re interesting as a certification system for digital art, and for digital art people they have been a catalyst.

Benjamin Cabral, Allouche Benias.

CAN takes place from July 13 to 17. Open: Monday to Friday 5pm to 9pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. 


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