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Founder’s Letter: Bon dia i salut

Massimo Shadi Saab

Thanks to my privileged position publishing magazines here for over twenty years, the changes I have noticed in the designs of hotels, houses, restaurants, nightclubs and retail has been incredible. Ibiza can now compete with major cities around the world thanks to the flood of amazing designers who now come here and help create such a unique place. There is nowhere like it on the planet.

The days of Ibiza being known just for its parties and beaches are long gone – it is now known worldwide for its image, it’s unique look and its breath-taking designs. It is now not unusual to hear about millions being spent on futuristic swimming pools or elaborate gardens… Ibiza is now the home of the creative mind.

My team and I applaud every individual who is working towards making Ibiza and Formentera a better place, we salute you all. Like anywhere in the world, Ibiza has its own problems to deal with. But behind the scenes our government is doing the best they can to resolve these issues, and by all of us working together I know we make this island even greater with an even brighter future.

I hope you enjoy the content of this first magazine of 2024. NATIV is proud to be known as the most visible form of print media here in Ibiza over the summer months, something we take very seriously. We have worked so hard to get into this position and we aim to fly even higher with you all.

Have the best of times…


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