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Get a Head for Health!

Es Tap Nou

If there is one thing Es Tap Nou really know about, it is fresh fruit and vegetables. Whether it is local figs, asparagus picked from the field or tomatoes and lettuces you can select and have made into a salad right in front of your eyes, Es Tap Nou know their stuff. When you pop into this Ibiza local’s favourite market café for a fresh juice, or perhaps their famous avocado on toast, you can be sure the produce has been selected by experts from their very own store! People talk about food miles, how about food metres? Just steps from store to juicer to you! Couldn’t be fresher! If you’re a veg-head or a fruit-face look no further!


Carrer Madrid, 18. Ibiza Town. Ibiza. Tel: 971 399 841.