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Get On ON111!

If you’re after the hottest poolside parties with the coolest urban soundtracks, ON111 at O Beach every Thursday is the place to be!

The undisputed champion of the poolside party has made Thursdays red-hot at O Beach Ibiza. Bringing a loved-up unifying dancefloor vibe to the waterfront beach club, DJ Spoony, with strong support from DJ Cameo, Grant Collins, Sam Dungate and the percussive skills of Jack Bullock, take us on a journey through UK garage, hip hop and R&B, and house classics – and, of course, expect the unexpected with wild aerial and acrobatic performances above the pool!

The shows are centred on its ‘Peace Officers’, who are on patrol throughout the club ensuring everyone is dancing! If you are found to not be dancing or having fun, you may find yourself in the dancefloor jail or being issued a ticket! Expect the riotous party police, rescue helicopters and dancing detectives. O Beach is famed for “not inventing the pool party, but perfecting it” and perfected it it has! Bringing in clubbers from all over the world with the magnetic pull of its iconic 600-square-metre pool, the iconic daytime venue has hosted some of the island’s most unforgettable parties over the years.

ON111 Ibiza



50 Cent

Back & Forth


Work It

Missy Elliot


Sweet Female Attitude

Moving Too Fast

DJ Spoony/Paloma Faith

Closer than Close

Rosie Gaines

Break My Soul


My Desire


Body Groove

Architechs, Nay Nay

U Don’t Have to Call


ON111 Ibiza

DJ Spoony and The Dreem Teem

What was the idea behind your residency ON111?

We started the event as the place to hear all the best music that’s not always represented in Ibiza: UK garage, R&B, hip hop, Afrobeats and soulful at ‘one’ event.

Three classic records we will hear at your party this summer…

Right Before My Eyes – N’n’G feat Kallaghan. Never Too Much – Luther Vandross. Temperature – Sean Paul.

What do you love about O Beach?

The freedom to play whatever I like. The crowd is so mixed, young, experienced, black, white, brown, straight, gay – therefore my music can reflect this.

ON111 Ibiza

From the glory days on Kiss FM with the Dreem Teem to Radio 1 and now Radio 2, radio has always been an important medium to you… 

Radio allows me to express myself in a different way from being behind the decks. For dance music it means we can share the best sounds of now to thousands and millions of people in an instant.

Best-ever night in Ibiza?

’99 – the glory days of UK garage, Dreem Teem at Bar Summun in San Antonio Bay. What a venue – and I still have a recording of me singing Woman Trouble (badly).

And finally, you’re a Liverpool supporter. Tough season?

Agghh, the interview was going so well! It was poor by our standards – we’ll come back strong next season!

Carrer des Moli, 12–14. San Antonio. Tel.: + 34 971 803 260.