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Head Chef Oliver Pérez

One thing above all others makes for a great restaurant: teamwork. That, and leave the rice milk at home!
Oliver Pérez, Mariner Ibiza Restaurant

What was your first job in a kitchen or restaurant?
At my parents’ restaurant in Sitges, where I grew up. I became interested in cooking at a very young age.
Who was your biggest inspiration?
My father, a great classic chef.
And your first food-related memory?
I remember trying oysters for the first time as a boy and loving the taste.
Fill in the blank: The best thing about being a chef is. . . ?
That you never stop learning. You are constantly evolving.
 And the hardest part?
That we can’t always make what we’d like. You have to find a balance between innovation and customers’ tastes.
Who are your favorite chefs?
There are so many! Although I’m quite partial to classic French cuisine. I’d say my favorite chef is Alain Ducasse.
If you were going to order at Mariner, what would you choose and why?
I’d choose the greater amberjack dice with green jalapeño pepper cream because it’s a balanced recipe with a very fresh hint of hot spice
Mariner is in a beautiful location. Where in the world is the best table you’ve ever dined at?
I was at La Tour d´Argent recently, which is a restaurant Napoleon used to go to. It’s one of the most historic spots in Paris, overlooking the Seine. 
What is the secret of success for a cook or a restaurant?
Honesty. Beyond the factor of value for money, the more honest a restaurant is about what they’ve got to offer, the more successful it will become.
How important is personality when it comes to hiring your team?
For me, the human warmth the staff conveys is key. I care as much about how the people on my team treat each other as I do about how they treat our customers. My restaurant is founded on team harmony.
What makes your team different?
It is a stable team and I rely on them completely. Many of them have been with me for years, and we’ve become one big family. Basically, the kitchen and restaurant at Mariner work thanks to the staff who work here.
How important is your relationship with suppliers?
We have a very close relationship and there’s a lot of complicity. Sometimes I have more contact with them during the day than I do with my own wife!
Name the three most important pieces that you could not live without in a kitchen set.
A good knife, good charcoal, and good olive oil.
And three ingredients?
When I’m here, I insist on good olive oil, quality butter, and another key ingredient: passion.
Can you recommend a good cookbook?
Bibo by Dani García, a three-star Michelin chef.
Is there any ingredient you have at home that you’ve never used in the restaurant?
Rice milk! My wife is a dietitian and there are various ingredients at home that I do not include in the dishes on the menu at Mariner.
What music do you cook to?
All sorts of music! I love listening to music while I prep, before the meal service. It adds harmony and makes the whole work team happy.

Carrer Lluís Tur i Palau, Ibiza Telephone: 971 315 234