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Historical Ibiza: 1930

Country women dry apricots in the wetland that now houses Juan Carlos I promenade, the Marina Ibiza and the Gran Hotel Ibiza. Dalt Villa visible across the bay. © Joan Marí Costa. Editor: Domingo Viñets. Arxiu d’Imatge i So Municipal d’Eivissa (AISME)

The pace of change in Ibiza over the past one hundred years has been rapid, and Mar y Sol, a mythical café down in the port of Ibiza, has borne witness to this profound evolution. Great photography gives us a window into this change, and can take us back, in a snapshot, to a distant land. Through these pictures we can see unpaved roads and undeveloped fields, now covered by tarmac and hotels; a place where the bicycle was more common than the motorcar. We can catch glimpses of a simpler, sometimes harder, way of life. Bit by bit, we are able to build a memory map, a vital time capsule that reminds us: we are part of the past, they are the roots of the future. And on it goes.

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