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Human design: a practical system for embracing and living as one’s unparalleled self 

Justus is a Projector based in Santa Eulalia, who has been following the Human Design experiment for seven years, and has been guiding clients as a psychotherapist for 32 years.
Dan Prince

Human Design is a syncretic system that brings together principles of astrology, the I Ching, genetics, chakras, Kabbalah, reincarnation, numerology, physics and enlightenment. Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth time and place to reveal your unique design. The BodyGraph is your bespoke map to living correctly as yourself, aligned with your innate nature.

In 1987, long-time Ibiza resident Robert Krakower, aka Ra Uru Hu, experienced an eight-day mystical encounter with “the Voice” here on the island, which revealed to him a practical system for embracing and living as one’s unparalleled self. While the information that Ra received was astonishing in its breadth, scope, and intricate detail, the system places greater emphasis on the practical rather than the theoretical.

Through a potentially life-changing BodyGraph reading, you will get to know how best to interact with others by learning about your personal strategy and authority, your individuality in action. Whether you have the interactive strategy of a Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector, the details of your design are unique. The more you get to understand your way of being, instead of comparing yourself to societal standards, the freer you will be to trust the singular perspective that you bring to the universe.

Human design: a practical system for embracing and living as one’s unparalleled self 

A person’s authority, as determined by one’s BodyGraph, might be instinct, gut intuition, emotional awareness, and so on. In all cases, the authority is experienced as a felt sense, a physical expression. Your body knows what to do, your conscious mind does not, mainly due to unconscious cognitive biases and societal conditioning. (FMRI studies have shown that the unconscious BodyMind makes decisions several seconds before the conscious mind becomes aware of a choice.) It’s all about surrendering, about getting out of your own way.

Once you are clear on your personal strategy and authority, you are invited to notice the difference in your life when you’re aligned with these, and when you aren’t. That’s it. It’s extremely simple. As you notice the benefits of acting according to your true nature, old conditioning dissolves and vanishes.

To decondition a lifetime of conditioning influences requires dedicated awareness in a process that takes seven years. As you decondition, you will notice less resistance and more flow in your life. More satisfaction, success, peace, or pleasant surprise, and less frustration, bitterness, anger, or disappointment. You’ll find yourself more often in the right places, at the right time, with the right people. Are you ready to discover who you really are?


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