Ibiza’s Secret Coves and Beaches

The Cala Bonita restaurant is in the beautiful Platja S’Estanyol. We review five of the most emblematic coves of the island.

Located at the end of a sleepy camino leading down to a beautiful secret cove, Cala Bonita has been serving delicious food to happy people in a tranquil setting for years. They gave us their tips to other secret beaches and coves, which, naturally, we wanted to share with you.


Secluded, tranquil and probably as close to paradise as we mere mortals will ever get. Off the beaten track and far away from the heady nightlife to the south, Mastella is 4km from Sant Carles, where at the end of a single-track road you’ll often have the place to yourself.

Ibiza coves and beaches, cala Mastella


A beautiful, long narrow beach located about 5km from San Juan in northern Ibiza, the cove is surrounded by rocks  and lush green pines, and Neptune grass can sometimes take over. The clear water is ideal for snorkelling, and there are mud baths to explore. 

Ibiza coves and beaches, cala Xarraca


Truly a place to kick off your sandals and relax: a peaceful, remote spot with a little refreshment stand and hedged in by typical Ibizan fishermen’s huts. Renclí is surrounded by red cliffs and the flat areas in front of the huts offer primo natural picnic tables.

Ibiza coves and beaches, s'Illot des Renclí


With its sandy shore and flat-stoned sea bottom, Xuclà is an utterly bewitching spot just 6km from Sant Joan. Small and crescent-shaped, the beach is overlooked by pinewoods and even offers a lovely little wooden chiringuito serving unpretentious food. 

Ibiza coves and beaches, cala Xuclà


This small fishing cove is found hidden under the cliffs of Es Cubells, with old fishermen’s huts and a crumbling little pier only adding to the magical charm. The sea here is transparent and very calm, but pack a drink and some food as it is a bit of a hike and there is no refreshment!

Ibiza coves and beaches, cala Llentrisca