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Ibiza in the fall: sports, the main activity

Ibiza in the fall: sports, the main activity

Ibiza in the fall: sports, the main activity.

Ibiza shows its full potential as what it already is: a consolidated sports destination, which a growing number of organizers of national and international events value as a venue for the celebration of major sporting events in the off-season months, when autumn arrives and the island recovers its more leisurely pace.

The qualities, capabilities and potential of Ibiza as a unique and ideal place to host all kinds of events are marked by the climate, the landscape, the modern and world-renowned hotel facilities, the frequency of air and sea links, and the quality and great work done by the organizing sports clubs and organizations… there are many factors that make Ibiza a leading sports destination.

The strength of the union between tourism and sport is more than evident and is demonstrated by eight major events, declared of ‘Tourist Interest’, which are an example of organizational quality, tourist impact, economic and social impact and very high levels of participation: Ibiza Marathon, Ruta de la Sal, Vuelta a Ibiza MTB, Ibiza Media Marathon, Vuelta Cicloturista a Ibiza Campagnolo, Ibiza Trail Marathon, Ibiza Half Triathlon and 3 Days of Trail that punctuate the sports calendar, especially in autumn, since most of these events take place between October and November.

These events are a global experience for participants, because those who come also enjoy the cuisine, landscapes and culture of Ibiza. It is a firm commitment to encourage citizens from all over the world to visit the island 365 days a year, associating it with family experiences and healthy lifestyles.

All this makes the sports calendar in Ibiza increasingly rich and attractive, and events that are organized and held on the island are showing up a essential dates in the agendas of athletes from around the world, who often return for the variety of sports and events that can be practiced in Ibiza, for the good atmosphere, and for the tourist attractions. Ibiza is a surprising place and more and more athletes are making the island their preferred destination.


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