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Ibiza, Open for holidays 

Once again Ibiza is opening its doors to visitors to showcase the myriad treasures hidden away in its little more than 572 square kilometres. There is so much to see and do here, allowing visitors to enjoy unforgettable holiday experiences in a friendly destination that guarantees a warm welcome.

The island continues to provide the ideal environment for a perfect trip, whether with family, friends, partner, alone or with a companion. With its enviable natural environment, important historic and cultural legacy, incredible cuisine and fantastic entertainment and leisure activities, Ibiza never fails to surprise with innumerable opportunities for everyone, every age and every interest. 

The natural features of the landscape and the mild Mediterranean climate make the island an ideal place for those who love sports in the open air and in contact with nature: diving, hiking, swimming, tennis, sailing, surfing, and golf are just a few of the activities waiting to be enjoyed. And that’s not to forget that in recent years Ibiza has also become a popular venue for competitive sporting events, both national and international, such as the Vuelta de Ibiza cycle race, the Ruta de la Sal regatta, the Ibiza Marathon, the three-day Trail Ibiza mountain bike race, and the Ibiza Half Triathlon and Half Marathon.

The island is a veritable treasure trove of culture, with centuries of tradition and customs just waiting to be discovered.

Although Ibiza has its cosmopolitan side, which is ultra-modern, lively and fun, it still retains the essence and tradition of its villages, which have proudly retained their history and customs. The island has an open and outward-looking society, but locals are also justly proud of their roots, their customs and the unique essence, which shines through in exhibitions and craft markets, as well as Adlib fashion, the unique clothing style that embodies the designs and spirit of the characteristic Ibizan “vibe”.

The green hues of the pine and juniper woods of the island’s interior provide a cool backdrop to the seemingly endless kilometres of crystal-clear waters with their shades of blue and turquoise that reflect the underwater meadows of Posidonia sea grass, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the island’s greatest marine treasures. The beaches, with their fine golden sands running the length of the coast, are interspersed with hidden coves and remote corners that provide the ideal settings for moments to treasure and enjoy.

The walled town of Dalt Vila has also been declared a World Heritage site, together with the remains of the Phoenician settlement Sa Caleta, and there are innumerable places to visit within the city walls, a must-see for anyone wishing to step back in time and discover the unique and magical relics of island history. The tremendous historical legacy left by ancient civilizations can be appreciated on a visit to the Archaeological Museum at Puig des Molins. The site contains over 3,000 hypogaea or tombs, still preserved in the largest Carthaginian necropolis in the Mediterranean, and guarded under the watchful eye of Tanit, the Ibizan goddess whose image is displayed in the Archaeological Museum.

Outside the city, the surrounding countryside offers a journey back in time with its rural churches dotted here and there across the island. The small white buildings evoke Ibiza’s austere agricultural past, still present in the villages inland from the coast, where imposing defence towers were built in ancient times to defend the island’s population from marauding pirates.

Lovers of fine dining will find a rich and varied local cuisine with delicious dishes that only top-quality, locally grown products can provide. There are gastronomic treats to suit all palates, including those of the most demanding gourmets, with choices ranging from family restaurants serving traditional food to exclusive venues run by internationally renowned chefs.

When the good weather arrives, Ibiza opens up to the sun, sea, beach, history, culture, heritage and fine cuisine, combining and concentrating all the charms of the Balearic Islands in one small area – Ibiza, all the islands in one.