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Island Design

For many decades Ibiza has been a magnet for creatives; attracting designers, artists and fashionistas from around the globe. Influenced by the island’s bohemian spirit and creative freedom, Ibiza’s design sense is eclectic, free – spirited and effortlessly chic.

Local designers draw inspiration from the island’s natural beauty, incorporating vibrant colours, flowing fabrics, and intricate patterns into their collections. The island’s artisanal products, from organic skincare to locally sourced delicacies are meticulously packaged with an emphasis on aesthetics and sustainability. From the moment you step foot on the island, you’re enveloped in a world where every detail, from the architecture to the clothes to the nightclub advertising is thoughtfully curate d to delight the senses and ignite the imagination. Ibiza is design fire…


Reinterpret tradition, with design and creativity as principle allies: Estrivancus Eivissa applies this formula to create artisanal pieces of great cultural value, such as the Ibizan espardenyes, or espadrille shoe. Their combination of organic fibers with natural dyes produces 100% biodegradable and skin-friendly fabrics.

Eugeni Quitllet

Born in Ibiza, initially trained at the School of Arts and Crafts, and living in Barcelona, Quitllet is one of the great names in international design. His chairs are iconic, and were created with Philippe Starck after the pair met in Formentera. He is a multifaceted creator whose dreams cross borders and soar skyward with the design of an orbital space hotel.

The Farmers Club

With more than 15 years of experience in regenerative agriculture, this is an agriculture and gardening company that designs organic agriculture projects, edible forests and home gardens. Their mission: to help amateurs restore their land, grow healthy, economically profitable food, and maximize sustainability.


These reusable wrappers, handmade in Ibiza with natural ingredients, are useful, ecological and also designer. They have the excellent function of replacing plastic cling film and aluminum foil to wrap food. They are made with cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil, and decorated with extremely good taste.

Inguna Collection

Inguna Butane modelled for the biggest names in the fashion industry, graced magazine covers and was the face of campaigns, developing a taste for clothing, beauty and creativity from which Inguna Collection emerged. The designs are based on the Luneville embroidery technique but revised and adapted to create t-shirts and shirts with mobile drawings. 


Born in Ibiza under one of its lush fig trees is a project created by designer Alba Esteva. Their swimsuits, clothing and accessories are based on respect for nature, pulling us back to our roots and the spirit of freedom. Their narrative is sustainability and a slower pace.

Elisa Pomar

The direct successor of the well – known Pomar family, a line of jewelers from the Pityusic Islands, has given a revolutionary twist to the traditional Ibizan jewels, placing them at the forefront of fashion. Its universe ranges from no-frills essential pieces to the stunning and complex stones with which it has revolutionized Ibizan jewelry. 

Photo: © Luana Failla


From her workshop on a mountain in the north of the island, designer Sonia Ferrer allows herself to escape fast fashion to create timeless pieces that will dress us for years. Traditional Ibizan costumes and peasant dresses are the hallmark, and their transformation is akin to a work of art. 

The Floral Studio

Each floral design from Francesca Munizaga is born in her garden at The Farm Ibiza, grows with permaculture techniques and is transformed in her studio with a whole lot of creativity and dedication. Her concept is connecting with the poetry of nature and sharing it through organic designs. Doing so with local, seasonal and sustainably cultivated flowers is her valuable contribution to the land of Ibiza.

Capote Eyewear

Álex Capote’s custom glasses fuse a passion for design with responsible craftsmanship, and explore the paths of nonconformity and transgression. With subtle straight lines and bold curves, excellence and comfort are the basis of glasses which, using simple language, underline our uniqueness.

Aiyanna Ibiza

This is a combination of gastronomy, mixology, art, music and culture next to Cala Nova beach. Its interiors – an eclectic fusion of the exotic and the sophisticated – and its wood, coconut and bamboo terrace are the perfect complement to a menu of organic and local products, not to mention the cultural and wellness activities that inject life into the design of a complete experience.

Sillas Payesas

Restoring and restringing traditional chairs is another way of recycling objects from yesteryear. However, when imagination comes into play, we are into the language of design. This is how they communicate at Sillas Payesas. Their creative combination of color, plain or braided ropes gives a fresh air to what were once grandma’s chairs. 


Elena Noguera Wilson is the creator of Bartblanc ceramics – handmade design pieces that beautify all the spaces they inhabit. With a creative combination of shapes and materials, her work links the past and the present, as well as different cultures and their idiosyncrasies, giving rise to inspiring collections. 

ibiza design

Hierbas Ibiza

The fertile land of Ibiza provides a wonderful olfactory palette for a fragrance like Hierbas de Ibiza. Under the tagline “you make my whole heart happy”, its aroma seeks to evoke an intimate memory of happiness. Designed in Sant Llorenç, these fragrances pay tribute to that spirit of Ibiza that goes beyond fashion and invites you to appreciate the small pleasures in life.

Marcelo Burlón

The island of Ibiza is the cradle of creators, but also a magnet for big names in world design. One of them is Marcelo Burlón, who splits his life between homes in Ibiza, Milan and the south of his native Argentina. Since launching his successful County of Milan t-shirts in 2012, Burlón has carved out an undisputed place in the stratosphere of international fashion and design. 

ibiza's design


Dedicated to landscaping, permaculture and bioconstruction, this company has the mission of designing and regenerating landscapes that last over time as well as spaces that can provide organic food. It is responsible for creating healthy bioclimatic environments, with efficient water and energy management, bringing the beauty of design to nature.

ibiza's design

Jimena Creation

This is a creative project from Jimena Orrego, designer of crochet and macramé accessories inspired by boho chic. Her creations bring the colors and textures of the island to the world of fashion and decor, with the onus on good taste, craftsmanship and sustainability. Her designs seek to express the essence of Ibiza’s wildest nature.

ibiza's design

Juntos House

This modern restaurant located in a beautiful country house in Sant Mateu contains the perfect design for a very special venue. With delicious dishes of fresh, organic food, made from products grown on its own regenerative farm and from local partners, it has exquisite rustic and modern décor and a craft boutique while also hosting events.

ibiza's design

Maria B. Ceramics

This graphic artist creates unique and limited edition pieces inspired by the organic form of nature and the wabi sabi philosophy, which is about the beauty of the imperfect. Her pieces can be raw, primitive or austere. They also reference architecture, art and design, but they all reflect the different facets of her personality. 

ibiza's design

The Rubber Duck Store

This store is set to be the most talked about on the island this summer. Located at number 6 Sa Creu street in Ibiza Town, it offers the iconic and infinitely collectible rubber ducks, with all possible designs imaginable. Rubber-duck fans will also be able to find other duck items such as bags, backpacks and keychains.

ibiza's design

Photo: © Alex Soto


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