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We all like a clean home, but what we don’t want is super-powerful disinfectants. This is where NAMI comes in. Developed with the aim of gently encouraging equilibrium with probiotic microorganisms: home cleaning, organic-fertiliser, personal hygiene, drinks, pet care – even though the products vary, the component at the base remains the same.

Dreams Come True

The new cosmetic night oil from Ibiza Essence is so much more than a nice tincture for your face. It celebrates your dreams and is inspired by restful sleep through CBD, melatonin and passion flower. Smooth some on every night and let your inner radiance shine through. Or at least keep your wrinkles at bay.

Pizza artesana 24/7

At NATIV we think it a basic human right to be able to eat pizza whenever you feel like. This right has now been satisfied with Ibiza’s first pizza vending machine. Next time you have a craving for pizza at silly o’clock just pop down to the gas station next to the access roundabout to es Gorg and you’ll be sorted right out. 


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