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Ibiza, the eco island: 30 days, 30 eco saves

Ibiza, the eco island. In just one month you can help make a difference to the environment. Palladium Hotel Group offers an inspiring guide.

Ibiza, the eco island. In just one month you can help make a difference to the environment. Palladium Hotel Group offers an inspiring guide.

There are lots of simple little things each and every one of us can do to help preserve the environment and ensure a sustainable future. Palladium Hotel Group is committed to being part of the solution: it has installed photovoltaic panels, and 100% of the energy consumed in all its hotels in Spain is renewable. Let’s all commit. Let’s all do something, beginning with this 30-day starter pack! Let’s make Ibiza the eco island!

Day 1 Start to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Sounds simple, but just buy less, fix and mend, and recycle everything you can. Day 2 Learn how to dispose of old computers, phones and batteries. Visit the Earth911 website for dozens of tips. Day 3 Pass it on! If you have something others might need, give it to a second-hand shop, free-cycle it or simply ask around.
Day 4 Buy goods made from recycled materials if you do need things. You can get everything from swimwear to shoes. Day 5 If you can, start to compost. Dead flowers, old food, newspaper – it reduces landfill and is good for your soil! Day 6 Put the top on the pot! Just by covering a saucepan when you are boiling water reduces the amount of energy consumed by two-thirds!
Day 7 Double up! If you are cooking pasta in one pan, steam your vegetables over the top! It is simple, and saves time too.  Day 8 Do not use paper towels and wet-wipes, which cause landfill and block drains: stick to wash-cloths and real towels. Day 9 Try to avoid chemical-laden cleaning products and go back to old natural cleaners like lemon juice and vinegar.
Day 10 Did you know coffee grounds are a great green alternative to poisonous pest repellent? Sprinkle around an ant’s nest and you’ll see what we mean. Day 11 Coffee grounds just keep on giving: you can also use them as a natural grease-and-grime remover to get food remnants off pots and pans. Day 12 Keep the oven door shut! Resist the temptation to keep opening and checking that cake: the valuable heat you’ve built up escapes in seconds!
Day 13 You may take some getting used to this, but microwaves can be your friend. They actually use 80% less energy than a conventional oven. Day 14 If you want a really clean kitchen counter use baking soda and a wet cloth: comes up spotless every single time.  Day 15 We all know mildew can build up in damp areas like baths and showers. To get rid of it the green way, use a mixture of vinegar and water.
Mediterranean sea school of fish with seagrass and sunlight underwater, Cabo de Gata Nijar, Almeria, Andalusia, Spain
Day 16 Ceiling fans are a good way of circulating air through a room, creating a killer breeze on hot days without the need for air con. Day 17 A big one, but you could think about replacing broken appliances with new energy-efficient models: they use at least 50% less electricity.  Day 18 When it is very hot close blinds and windows to keep hot air out and cool air in. Only open the windows after the sun has set or first thing in the morning. 
Day 19 Do you really need to turn up the thermostat as soon as it gets cool? Come on, your mother was right: put on a jumper! Day 20 It’s time to insulate! Insulation keeps warm air in and cool air out, and vice versa in summer – we lose up to 20% of cooled air in summer due to leaky homes!  Day 21 You’ve probably fallen out of the habit, but please: unplug items such as TVs that use energy even when turned off. No more standby mode!
Day 22 Big long-term project. Plant deciduous trees on the east and west sides of your home: the broad leaves give shade in summer and warm sun in winter when they fall. Day 23 LED lighting is the way forward. Change your incandescent bulbs, which create as much heat as they do light. Day 24 Take more showers than baths: an average bath uses 70 gallons of water; a five-minute shower just 25. Of course, you could always double up with a partner and save even more!
Day 25 Have a look at your toilet: those built before 1992 ALL use 3.5 gallons per flush. Modern models can use just a gallon – saving 68% water every single time! Day 26 You might turn your nose up, but you can catch so-called greywater in a bucket and use it to flush a toilet. Every little bit helps! Day 27 Think about what you plant in your garden: watering a lawn can account for up to 30% of a household’s total water usage in summer! Plant wisely!
Day 28 Native plants with brightly coloured red, yellow and purple flowers attract birds and also provide shelter. Providing a source of water also encourages birds and other wildlife.  Day 29 Create some rainwater harvesting butts. All you need are a few 50-gallon barrels and a connection from your roof and you can save valuable rainwater for
your garden. 
Day 30 If you do have to drive, drive at the optimum speed where you can – around 60km/h. This lowers fuel consumption by 33% compared to aggressive driving! 


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