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International Ibiza (II)

Ibiza attracts people from all corners of the globe. NATIV meets the individuals who are making their mark in business.

Mars Mixon
United States 

Born in Jamaica and raised in the United States, Mars Mixon arrived in the year 2000, and as he always does when he sets foot in a new place, he contacted the hip-hop community in Ibiza. With 20 years of experience as a producer and DJ, he was so successful playing funk and hip-hop at venues in Sant Antoni in 2003 that he began to return to the island until he settled here. Mars produces events and has a technology company called Wifyx Networks.

Naza Trujillo

Naza Trujillo landed on the island on May 2, 2021 from Dubai, where he had a restaurant that was doing well but where he felt he “didn’t have the freedom to live”. An Argentinian national, he decided not to return to his home country after his experience in the emirate and instead came to Ibiza, which “captivated him on an emotional level, in terms of freedom, opportunities and human quality”. Naza currently manages the team at the Roto Ibiza restaurant.

Luca Chirichiello

Luca Chirichiello is a doctor specializing in anesthesia with 16 years of experience in Spain. He arrived in 2020 at the hospital in Ibiza and then moved to the one in Formentera – a shift that made him happy because living on the smaller island was his “real dream”. He is currently developing Integrative Medicine at his practice in es Pujols, with “complementary” techniques such as acupuncture, neural therapy, serum therapy with vitamins and antioxidants, ozone therapy, and dermo-aesthetic and anti-aging care.

Hala Samaan

Hala Samaan is originally from Syria and arrived in Ibiza for the first time in 1982. She came with her husband, who is a doctor and who had been living on the island since 1979. “The truth is that I fell in love with Ibiza from the moment I saw it – with its nature, its beaches, its people – all of it,” says Hala, who heads the administration and accounting departments of the Galeno Clinic, a private healthcare service with centres all over the island.

Ola Salih

Ola Salih is from Sudan and this summer she opened the restaurant Kadchi in Ca n’Escandell, which serves Lebanese and Syrian food. She first arrived in 2015 on vacation with her husband and some friends, and they all fell in love with Ibiza “immediately”. Always attracted by Spanish culture, she and her husband decided to swap their life in Dubai for Barcelona. In 2020, during the pandemic, she paid heed to her “very strong connection” with Ibiza and settled on the island.

Giuls Tortella

Born in Switzerland, Giuls Tortella arrived in Ibiza with her mother when she was only nine years old. Raised on the island, she studied Marketing in Valencia, working in sales and cellphones while studying and taking care of “a one-year-old boy” because she became a mother at 25. Giuls is the Marketing Manager with the Nassau Group, a department she runs by herself, and which has seen her “grow a lot” professionally. 


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