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Blueprint for creativity

The first hotel restaurant in Ibiza to win a Michelin star, La Gaia by Óscar Molina at the Ibiza Gran Hotel sets the standard for exceptional creative cuisine.

“My style is very personal and draws on my experiences travelling the world,” says La Gaia head chef Óscar Molina. “I develop these ideas for the local region, using local produce to recreate unique flavours that cannot be replicated anywhere else.”

The menu at La Gaia is a delightful fusion of flavours, blending traditional Spanish ingredients with innovative techniques and influences from around the world. Each dish is a work of art, meticulously crafted and presented with impeccable attention to detail. The result of Molina’s demand and curiosity leads to a dance of flavours whose true protagonists are the local products of the island of Ibiza divided into these incredible creations.

Take, for example, the Balearic black pork: sounds simple. The end dish is anything but: a delightful tender meat served with a zesty cochinita pobil and artichoke that really does defy description beyond the simple superlative: delicious. Similarly and outstanding Ibizan green peas stew is elevated to mastery with its combination of red shrimp, local sausage and fresh mint.

But what truly sets La Gaia apart is its unique philosophy. The restaurant seamlessly weaves together the principles of sustainability, seasonality, and gastronomic storytelling. La Gaia prioritizes locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that each dish reflects the natural bounty of the region. By embracing the concept of ‘farm-to-table’, it not only supports local producers but also helps preserve the environment. Moreover, La Gaia’s commitment to seasonality is evident in its ever-changing menu.

The chefs work closely with the freshest ingredients available at any given time, adapting their culinary creations to showcase the best of each season. This approach not only guarantees a heightened dining experience but also promotes a deeper connection to nature and the rhythm of the land.

The contrast between environmental awareness and creative dishes is explored in the two tasting menus: Tanit and Posidonia. Tanit brings guests ten of the most emblematic dishes in the history of the restaurant. It’s perfect for those new to La Gaia who want to sample its greatest hits. Posidonia consists of 14 new dishes based on seasonal produce.

These include a three-dish series in homage to the island’s traditional matançes festival, where every part of the family pig is turned into a lavish feast, which features creations such as fried whole-wheat bread with salty bone broth emulsion and suckling pig served with pumpkin and courgette flower. Sublime. Each plate is accompanied by sommelier Vasili Abodzich’s carefully curated wines or a shimmering cocktail adorned with bright, edible pansies.

Everything on the menu is outstanding, but perhaps the last word should go to the menu’s creator: “There are many dishes that I love,” Molina says. “But, if I had to choose one of them, it would be the black pork emulsion with caviar.”

La Gaia – Ibiza Gran Hotel Passeig Joan Carles I, 17. 07800 Eivissa
T +34 971 806 806