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10 of the best dive sites on our local seabeds
Diving in Formentera and Ibiza

1. The Mariana Platform

This floating fish farm sank in 1997. It is now home to the Mediterranean barracuda.

2. Don Pedro 

One of the biggest wrecks in Europe, this ferry hit rocks in 2007 and sank. It now supports an entire ecosystem.

3. Dado Pequeño 

A huge rock formation teeming with damselfish, brown meagre, white bream, moray eels, grouper, toothed bream, invertebrates, scorpion fish and salema.

4. The Posidonia Meadows 

The first Unesco World Heritage site in the Mediterranean Sea.

5. The Boot 

Close to Es Vedrà, this rock’s name refers to its peculiar side profile.

6. The Arch 

An idyllic spot in Formentera with two impressive stone arches to swim through.

7. The Caves of Punta Rasa

Another excellent Formentera site, perfect for a first cave dive.

8. The Lighthouse 

Actually three unique sites, but the sunken lighthouse beacon is the one to head to.

9. The Cave of Light 

Weave in and out of rock formations before entering a cave that is illuminated by spectacularly dramatic rays of sunlight.

10. Es Banc 

On the west coast of Formentera, this sensational vertical wall has many different types of fish, arches and a narrow swim-through.

Nativ went diving with Vellmari Formentera


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