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Lina Escandell: the miller in charge of Ibiza’s last mill


For two years now, Lina Escandell has been in charge of the last remaining active mill in Ibiza, located in Sant Miquel. She believes that it is important to maintain it, because although “nowadays it is not a business”, it is the only one left and it is “tradition”.

In 2021 she took over from her father and became the third generation of the family to run the mill, which began operating around 1940 in Sa Font d’es Tur, near the port of Sant Miquel, taking advantage of a stream of water that was strong enough to turn it.

“When the water flow began to decrease, they moved it to the village of Sant Miquel,” says Escandell about the decision made towards the end of 1950 to start using diesel to power it. “And it has been running on electricity since 1987,” she adds.

Lina Escandell

The mill turns “almost any type of grain, including wheat, barley and corn” into flour, but most in demand are “blat de Xeixa”, traditional Ibizan wheat, and the Bancal wheat variety. It serves the ovens of Can Coves, Gatzara and Can Noguera, among others.


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