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Ask the Expert: special event design trends with Cy Kelly

When Louis Vuitton, British Airways and major movie premieres want their events to look unforgettable, they’ll engage Made Up. And now Ibiza’s a backdrop for brand spectaculars like London and NY, founder Cy Kelly can ‘work from home’ here. Nativ pinned Cy down over coffee in Talamanca to debrief him on the latest event design fashions.


Environmental reciprocity

“Expressing a brand’s personality in the outdoor arena is a quality exercise, wherever in the world you are. Natural materials, greenery and people-focused ideas mean the installation compliments its location rather than taking it over.” 

made up ibiza


Folding Space

“Unique environments embed memories. We don’t organise events – we’re facilitators of people’s own inspiration. Our studios in London and Ibiza make it happen. Made Up’s special build team use state of the art studios here in Ibiza supported by our London office. Client expectation here on Ibiza has risen to global levels.” 

made up ibiza


Making Places

“Exteriors and interiors with a fine aesthetic, but fun too. It’s playful and that has to be done right; brand assets can’t be shabby. Themes have to be executed perfectly, often over again for installations in different cities. And that list of cool destinations now assuredly includes Ibiza.”

made up ibiza


Raising the bar

“The quality of special events here on Ibiza now rivals those in London or Paris. It feels great to be collaborating on the same projects with people on the island, and the major cities. Here, combining light, sculpture and special serves in the evening dark creates distinct, intimate, zones in person and on camera.”

made up ibiza


Moments in time

“Clients put their souls into the ideas. Right now they express their novel imaginations; they don’t want to do what somebody else did before. We create bespoke solutions to make those ideas real. For example, this photo point aligns the event, the Ibiza landscape and the brand into a single memory.”

made up ibiza

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