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A taste of the sea

One thing they know about at Mariner restaurant is fish. Another thing they know: how to take seafood to next-level delicious.
NATIV · Photo: © Álex Soto

It takes a special type of person to create real art. You look at the energy and power in a Jackson Pollock painting and you feel the creative force that went into making the piece. Abstract art came to our mind when we were presented with our first dish at Mariner restaurant. Tucked into its enviable location in Ibiza Town, with its lovely terrace seating, in-the-know return customers and those of us curious to sample the freshest and most innovative dishes in town, Mariner takes its seafood very seriously, but creates delightful dishes that are both amusing, delicious and, well, yes: a joy to behold.

Prawn Carpaccio Ceviche

With its vibrant orange, shimmering whites and yellows and subtle pale greens, Mariner prawn carpaccio ceviche brings to mind a bright painting. But you cannot eat painting as any struggling artist will tell you: you can, and should, eat this. Subtle, fresh, bursting with the taste of the sea.

mariner restaurant

Tuna Belly with Aubergine and Ponzu

Tuna belly is the rich, deeply flavoured cut that fills the mouth with a luscious umami taste. As a pairing on this beautifully presented dish, aubergine seems a surprising choice, but works perfectly with the drop of citrusy ponzu bringing it all together.

Carrer Lluís Tur i Palau, Ibiza. Tel. 971 315 234