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Music for the sea: the artist Coco Francavilla raises funds for our Posidonia

The ambient music producer and film composer Coco Francavilla, resident in Ibiza, collaborates with a group of artists to raise funds for posidonia.
Dan Prince

This is beautiful. A spellbinding project courtesy of Ibiza resident, ambient music producer and film composer Coco Francavilla who has invited a collection of her favourite ambient artists together to create awareness and raise funds for our Posidonia. Each artist who include Sofie Birch, Grand Rover, Kazuya Nagaya, Emanuele de Raymondi and Rafael Anton Irisarri have been given an opportunity to do some field recordings in the underwater Posidonia meadows enabling them to create some sea sound samples into their own original pieces of music which will be included in a compilation album and various digital single releases. 

There are also photographic expeditions to create a collection of ambient compositions for a photo art book which will be printed on zero-impact Favini algae paper, with poetic imageries of the artists during the expedition and mesmerising underwater photos. There will also be an immersive audio-visual event with installations and live performances with some of the artists involved – who have all been invited to a 4-day residency at Coco’s IBIZA BLOOM Studio and Retreat House between spring 2022 and spring 2023. 

The Posidonia meadows in Ibiza and Formentera were declared in 1999 as World Heritage by UNESCO and are considered thelargest and the longest living being on the planet, about 15km long and up to 100.000 years old. 

“I am convinced that local action is the first step to global change” says Coco. “In the Balearic Islands, the plants that populate the seabed are currently in regression, not only due to the warming of the water, but also due to local disturbances such as pollution or the anchoring of boats. We urgently need to protect and save Posidonia, our great ally in the fight against climate change. Every greener step we make, it’s a step to make the world a better place.” 

The proceeds from The Posidonia Project will be donated to local NGO’s and institutions such as Ibiza PreservationVellmari Association and the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA)  


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