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Nativ Ibiza Alive: art and culture to raise awareness for sustainability 

The event, which was organized by Nativ Ibiza magazine, brought together hundreds of people who attended the Peace Park to visit sustainable stalls, appreciate the works of art and participate in the numerous activities

The NIA festival, Nativ Ibiza Live ‘Meeting of Creativity, Culture, Innovation and Sustainability in Eivissa’, was held this November in the area of Eixample, Parque de la Paz and Mercat Nou, with music, art and workshops to raise awareness about the need to care for the environment. 

The event, which was organized by the magazine Nativ Ibiza, brought together hundreds of people who stopped by between Friday 25th and Sunday 27th of November to visit sustainable stalls, appreciate the works of art and participate in the numerous activities. 

“On our island, in our world, the future is now and we need to act now,” said the founder of Nativ Ibiza, Massimo Shadi Saab, at the presentation of the event. “Art will take to the streets from Friday to Sunday and will do so for a great cause,” he said. 

The festival counted on the collaboration of the Ibiza Town Council, the Ibiza Island Council and the Escola d’Art d’Eivissa art school. All of the work and activities were based on the premise of the 5Rs: Recycle, Reuse, Recover, Reduce, Redesign.

In total, the program of activities included more than 40 actions and proposals, including artistic and cultural interventions, workshops and sustainable activities, which combined live music, performances, live painting, sculpture, gastronomy, video mapping, percussion, sustainable fashion, street art and children’s games.

NIA also aimed to promote local commerce and km0 products, and under this premise, renowned artists made artistic interventions at the Mercat Nou: Aida Miró and Omar Enfenddal created murals on the façade and Rom Ero installed works of art inside. 

The festival brought together associations, NGOs and entities from the island and counted on the collaboration of students from the Escola d’Art d’Eivissa who carried out three artistic interventions, as well as the participation of renowned artists and new talents from the island. 

All the activities were aimed at holding a sustainable event, both in the use of sound equipment, which operated with solar power and was energy efficient, and in choosing the locations where the activities took place.

As such, the Peace Park was chosen to transmit a conciliatory message, while the Mercat Nou represented a banner in support of local commerce and local products. 

Nativ Ibiza Alive: arte y cultura para agitar conciencias por la sostenibilidad 

The sustainable stalls set up during the three days of the event presented residents and attendees with the innovations being developed on the island to recycle and reuse materials such as plastic and glass. Sustainable fashion, art created from waste, and a clean-up of Figueretes beach promoted by the artist Jorge Bruges and the association Creatives for the Planet were also part of the festival.

No one was left indifferent to this initiative, dedicated to promoting sustainable actions through art, culture and innovation developed by the creators and activists of Ibiza to take care of the environment, the landscape, nature and, ultimately, life on the island. 

There were many who put their dedication and time into making NIA possible and we would like to offer our thanks to all of them: Escola d’Art d’Eivissa, Gráficas Pitiusas, Sono Ibiza, Dipesa Group Ibiza, Ibiza Mapping, Pikip Solar Speakers, Art Ful, Montana Colors, Ibiza Addicted, Grupo Pacha, Pinturas Rubio, Hierbas de Ibiza, C-19 Centre de Creació Jove, Ibango, Eivissa Garden, Soul Watter, Pure Ibiza Radio and 360 Video Booth Ibiza. 

We also want to thank NGOs and associations such as Cáritas, Ibiza and Formentera Adaptive Sports Association (Addif), Creatives for the Planet, Asociació de Voluntaris d’Eivissa and Fundació Deixalles. 


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