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Nima, Ibiza’s performance poet

Performance poet
Photo: Alex Soto

The Ritual artist like no other. 

How did the company Ritual begin? 

Ritual is the brainchild of Athos and Tati. They wanted to bring a ritualistic element to performances and they invited Monica and I to join them in the adventure. We set up a company called Ritual Magic Designers, our friend Mogli joined us, and we co-founded Woomoon amongst many other things. Our ideas are a constant mish mash of who we are and they keep growing as we learn more about each other. I see Ritual much more as a platform through which we deepen our knowledge of ourselves, than as a company. We stumble and fall, make the biggest mistakes and still find a way to materialise our dreams. Our differences are so powerful that only poetry could describe what it is we do together. 

What was your childhood dream?

I really wanted to dance like Michael Jackson. There you go – that’s finally off my chest! 

Nima Ritual Ibiza

Why did you choose performance for your career?

I don’t get easily ashamed and I thrive in the spotlight. I also have a tendency to put myself in awkward, uncomfortable situations and somehow, on stage, this is exacerbated. 

Who are your inspirations in life?

I share my life with a wonderful woman, the mother of our two daughters. Together they force me to grow and see the world from a different perspective. Much more than I would like to admit.

How does Ibiza inspire your performance?

Ibiza is probably the single most inspiring place I have come across on this planet. There’s always someone or something that pops up on the horizon, to take you to the outskirts of your beliefs and show you a different slant on life. 

How do you relax?

Chilling at home. Peeing outside. Getting high. Making love. Playing music. Being underwater.