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The Ibiza Pool Party goes global

O Beach, the best day party on the island, opens a branch in Dubai. We talk to its founder about this adventure.
O Beach

The legendary O Beach Ibiza resort is bringing its magic this summer to none other than Dubai, and is presenting the opening of O Beach Dubai on the Marina Beachfront. For those who don’t know it, O Beach has been soaking its attendees with the best atmosphere for twelve years and is, quite possibly, the best day party in Ibiza.

An open-air venue that faces the sea, complete with premium beds and areas that offer prime viewing of the stage and shows, and then later the starry sky. An iconic pool that doesn’t leave much room for relaxation, captivating its visitors with just one dip. And a dance floor, with a renovated stage, that manages to unite all kinds of people and musical tastes in a collective movement that’s full of fun and happiness.

O Beach Ibiza
O Beach Ibiza

What’s more, its Mediterranean fusion restaurant takes the traditional pool party to the next level. All accompanied by incredible entertainment shows complete with guest artists. We all agree: something this special cannot be left alone on the island. That’s why we spoke to Tony Truman, the legendary founder of O Beach Ibiza, about this new adventure.

Tony Truman O Beach Ibiza

What is the philosophy behind this brand expansion?

This is a big year for us as we have been working behind the scenes to bring the O Beach brand to the international stage in multiple ways. Ibiza is, of course, a cosmopolitan island, but moving our brand to the Middle East opens us up to an even broader international market, as well as allowing us to be more “perennial”, opening practically all year round. Dubai is a key country on the international party scene, so it is logical that we be a part of it.

What sets you apart from other luxury day clubs in Dubai?

I think we bring the fun party element. Most beach clubs focus more on food and a relaxed atmosphere, while we have a more lively environment that goes from morning to night, with lots of shows, maintaining the quality of the aesthetics of the place, the offerings from the restaurant and bar, and high-end service.

Tell us about the new music label O Beach. Which artists and which genres will be released?

It goes hand in hand with everything we stand for: upbeat, fun music with a “hands in the air” tone, with mixes of all the types of music that we believe represent our venues and the promotional events we collaborate with. The artist may or may not be well known, just as long as the music has that O Beach essence.

What will be your next destination?

We identify our brand with fun party places around the world, so Las Vegas, Bali, Australia, Thailand, Greece and other Spanish destinations come to mind.

Why is a day at O Beach Ibiza always the best day and night of a person’s summer?

Because we are not pretentious, we are not expensive and we celebrate music. Our staff have a great time and are always part of the experience. And of course there is something really special about a daytime party in the sun. We give people the freedom to express themselves no matter where they come from and believe we provide an inclusive and happy environment for people to do just that: have fun.

Carrer Des Moli, 12-14 San Antonio, Ibiza
(+34) 971 80 32 60