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Colors of calm

The new design of the Open Spa offers its visitors a direct connection with the Earth, facilitating deep relaxation and well-being.
Open Spa Ibiza Gran Hotel

Connecting with the elements that nature offers takes us directly to a state of relaxation: the sound of the sea, the smell of wet earth, the color of plants and trees… This is what the Ibiza Gran Hotel 5* Gran Luxe has achieved with the meticulous renovation of its famous Open Spa.

The redesign of this sanctuary of pleasure, which spans more than 1,300m2 on the shores of the Mediterranean, has been carried out to enhance its ability to revitalize the mind and body and offer a unique experience for its clients and guests. To do so,natural materials such as stone, wood, lime paint and clay have been used.

Open Spa Ibiza Gran Hotel

As soon as you enter the spa, you feel enveloped by its elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The ceramic latticework in the lobby dialogues with that of the beauty salon in the same way that the wood and the rest of the organic materials have continuity throughout the different spaces. There are large windows that let in the warmth of the light, screens that break the monotony and help meditation, and very notable pieces such as the solid Travertine water basin located in the steam bath.

All this serves to create the perfect environment, which is divided into four complementary spaces, and which invite visitors to embark on a profound journey toward peace. Rituals, Aqua Spa, Gym & Wellness and Open Beauty. In them we find a complete menu of massages, beauty treatments and wellness rituals, as well as a hydrotherapy circuit. They are treatments that we can enjoy even outdoors, in private rooms with a terrace to enhance relaxation and well-being, and their menu includes massages, facial treatments, cryotherapy, body work and various rituals that combine all of this.

But to complete the voyage, the Open Spa has designed the new Wellness Journeys. These three circuits—detox, revitalizing and dynamic – focus on creating moments of pleasure and serenity for guests and giving great importance to nutrition, through breakfasts made with the best local products, and body-care from the inside out.

Thanks to all of this, it can safely be said that the Ibiza Gran Hotel is not only a benchmark for luxury on the island, but also hides within it the essence of calm that we all need to be happy

Open Spa – Ibiza Gran Hotel Joan Daifa, s/n
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