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Fusion Vision

Daniel Solar, head chef at Pacha Restaurant, has created a menu of unique flavours, combining ingredients from the east and west with stunning results.
pacha restaurant

What makes a great restaurant? Great food? Obviously. A convivial atmosphere where you can share food with good friends in a beautiful space? Certainly. If you add in one of the grooviest spots to feel pre-party rhythms in Ibiza plus the inspirational creative driving force of chef Daniel Solar, then you have a must-try destination on your hands.

So, what is the food? A Japanese/Mediterranean fusion menu that really sings: take the tuna tartare: the freshest fish, naturally, but given a flamboyant, successful transformation with the subtle addition of spices, anise and lime. Wonderful. The lobster tempura is treated with equal flair: lush white fish with a spot-on ‘duo sauce.’

Other irresistible dishes include maki rolls (the prawn, palm heart, avocado and spicy mayo stand out) and the tenderest beef tenderloin this side of Texas. Perhaps the Pacha motto of ‘eat, then we dance’ needs a slight update: ‘Eat magnificently, then we dance!’

Avenida 8 de agosto, 27. Ibiza