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Embark on an inner adventure

Meet Peaceful Island, a universal collective of holistic practitioners offering eco-spirituality, natural healing and regenerative living for us here in Ibiza.
By Dan Prince · Photo: © Houn photography

“My vision came five years ago with two main objectives,” smiles Peaceful Island’s creative shakti Agathe Dorizon, a lady who grew up in Asia before studying in Paris. “And that was to improve the quality of life for our community and clients – and to be meaningful for both.”

The process began with one-on-one meetings with people Agathe thought suitable for the project. They had to be authentic, have a mini-mum of five years’ experience living in Ibiza, be passionate and heartfelt – and more than anything, be community conscious and nature connected. “We have a deep sensation of being part of a tribe here; there is a definite feeling of sisterhood and brother-hood within our collective.”

The islanders have gathered from all over the world and specialize in many different areas; yoga, phenomenological mentorship, breathwork, massage, aquatic bodywork, conscious food, osteopathic treatment, natural beauticians, counselling coaching, hypnosis – there is even a wedding celebrant within their ranks. And whilst Peaceful Island prides itself on its alternative practices, traditional therapies, nature immersions and personal sessions – art also plays a major part here.

“Art opens the mind, art refines the mind. At Peaceful Island we believe that visual artworks can have a direct positive effect on brain frequency and heartbeat, as well as raising awareness on some present issues. This is why we want not only to offer the opportunity to connect with the creative power inside each of us, the poetic power, through the workshop, but also curating selected artwork as part of the process to change our consciousness.”

Yoga, breathing, aquatic bodywork, mindful eating, osteopathy, hypnosis and natural aesthetics are offered by Peaceful Island, both in individual sessions and in group retreats.

Alongside the one-on-one treatments and sessions, the group also offer retreats concentrating on comprehensive programmes for physical, mental and spiritual health: “What’s unique about our retreats is that we try to bring a more integral experience to our guests to offer them the full spectrum of wellbeing. By this I mean that we approach first from the physical through the practices and food that truly nourishes us; then we explore the deeper states of our mind, self and being through the wide selection of offerings we have to access these spaces. Then we also provide a special emphasis on the relation and connection with and care for nature and the island. We bring people into contact with their wild self and, from there, build this care and consciousness of the earth that is our home. This is where we hope to see the change, as a peaceful island is an impulse to a more conscious lifestyle for people to bring back into their lives – a deep and broad support to each person where everything is connected!”


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