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Sa Caleta: A good tradition

For 35 years Sa Caleta has welcomed happy diners to its wonderful family-run restaurant on Es Bol Nou beach. A place with roots, tradition and, of course, superb food.

Since opening its doors in 1988 in an idyllic spot in a picturesque cove, Sa Caleta has been owned and run by the Pujolet family, and they take great pride in carrying forward traditional dishes from a family recipe book written by grandmother Catalina Puvil.

These days the restaurant is run by Jordi Cardona, son of original owner and founder Pepin Pujolet and his wife Victoria Baos. It offers guests a real taste of Ibizan cooking at its purest and most delicious. If you haven’t tried bullit de peix, this is the place to experience the island’s delicious traditional fish stew, served with rice and aïoli. Its lobster stew is a huge, indulgent sublime treat, and Sa Caleta is rightly regarded by locals and fans as THE place to go for seafood paella.

The Pujolet family has been serving authentic Ibizan dishes from the recipe book of grandmother Catalina Puvil since 1988.

No visit to Sa Caleta would be complete without trying the Café Caleta. Invented by the family’s grandfather, it’s a gorgeous mix of flambéed brandy, sugar, cinnamon, orange and lemon, blended with coffee and served in a ceramic pot.

One of the few places on the island that is open every single day of the year, Sa Caleta is a must-visit for anyone wanting an authentic taste of island life. Hopefully this wonderful restaurant will remain a family-run affair for at least the next 35 years!

Playa Sa Caleta. Sant Jordi de Ses Salines.
Tel: 971 187 095.
Open every day since 1988.