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Seafood speciality

Sa Caleta restaurant, in its idyllic spot between the cliffs and the beautiful beach has been serving the freshest most delicious seafood to those in-the-know for 35 years.

Sa Caleta restaurant. Family-run and an Ibizan classic. If you want a taste of authentic local seafood, prepared to recipes fine-tuned and perfected over the years and using the very best fresh-caught seafood, you need look no further than this wonderful, beautiful spot.

A perfect lunch, to us, would be Sa Caleta seafood paella, or their incredible lobster stew. A glass of chilled white. Speciality ‘caleta’ coffee to end. Paella, that dish that looks so easy, but it so hard to perfect. The fish must be the best and the freshest; the rice must absorb the stock and create the perfect socarrat, the bronzed, crunchy bits on the bottom: essential and delicious.

Sa Caleta, to us, is the best paella on the island. Lobster can only be caught in the seas around Ibiza until the end of August: this fact alone should inspire you to order the Sa Caleta lobster stew while it is in season. You will not be disappointed.

Playa Sa Caleta. Sant Jordi de Ses Salines.
Tel. 971 187 095.