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Seven wonders at 1742

Chef Edwin Vinke at restaurant 1742 quite rightly sees his menu as an ever-evolving work of art. A feast for the senses. So just what delights might guests expect?

1742 has just been rewarded and recognised for its culinary excellence by Michelin, and is included in the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2023!

Rooted Rebels Hotdog

A little work of utter genius: presented as a tiny hotdog, the smoky essence of this a worthy introduction to the tone of the delights to follow. The delightful texture and taste thrilled and amused us, but what the devil were we eating? A carrot, no less! But unlike any carrot you’ll have ever tasted. Marvellous. 

Zeeland Fruits de Mer

A wonderfully presented dish showcasing oysters and razor clams from Vinke’s native Netherlands, presented elegantly in their shell. The shellfish themselves are dressed with pepper, herbs and spices and a drop of cream, all redolent of Thai flavours. We ate this so quickly we are not sure it wasn’t a lovely dream.

Royal Belgium

Sturgeon, we found out, has a unique texture for a fish: a dense meat not unlike a tender pork chop. It takes on flavour well, and served here with caviar (Royal Belgian Osietra gives a nutty, mineral taste)
on a brioche bed, with ‘bacon’ made from the fish’s belly and an incredible stock made from its head and bones: next level, past the next level. Sublime.

Blue Lobster

The delicate flavour of blue lobster here has been introduced to a gang of new friends: tomato, cuttlefish, beach crab and broad beans. To say that this little group together form a sensation akin to what we imagine a small mouthful of heaven would taste like if it were a meal would be about right.

Summer deer with pumpkin, mole and sweet potato

We were new to venison, but it has been scribbled straight into our Top Meat contact book. The ferrous, gamey flavour is given depth and sweet creaminess by the root vegetables and a mole, the full ingredients of which remain a mystery, but a mystery that lingers pleasantly unsolved in our minds days after this magnificent dish.

Beach Poles

We absolutely adored the inspiration for this mouth-watering and eye-pleasing dessert. It was brought to life by remembering ‘the age-old beach poles that protect us from the currents of the raging sea’. What brought it to life for us was the combination of dark chocolate, strawberry, rhubarb, sesame and …and the herb sweet woodruff – so gorgeous it should be illegal. 

Wines of life

They know and love good wines at 1742, and you can enjoy the fruits of this knowledge by selecting a wine from their cellar. We went for a La Tâche, from Domaine de la Romanée Conti, a superb Grand Cru and were not disappointed: floral, fruity and a spicy long finish with a hint of chocolate and even violets. The only problem with this wine: it disappeared from the bottle so quickly, as if by magic.

Calle Mayor 1-3, Dalt Vila · Ibiza RESERVATIONS: (+34) 971 304 452