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Stephanie Eliyahoo

Nativ breaks bread with THE ENTOURAGE GROUP’S CEO Stephanie Eliyahoo to get the lowdown on how IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen and Bar came to life.

We love IZAKAYA, Stephanie. What, to you, are the vital ingredients that make it work?

When you enter IZAKAYA, you immediately feel that you are going to a high-end but also open and informal restaurant. For us it’s not only about food; it’s about the entire dining experience.

How did you become involved?

After studying Business Management at University in England I started my career at Chino Latino, a Pan-Asian rosette-winning restaurant. At that time, Yossi Eliyahoo (founder & co-owner of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP), was the concept developer of Chino Latino, and that is how we met. Then we met our business partner, Liran Wizman, with whom we started this new venture in Amsterdam in 2008.

Amsterdam is a great city: so alive and creative. Does it hold a special place in your heart?

Yes, definitely! This is the city where my two daughters were born and where many of my friends live. This is where we started a life as a family, and in October 2008 we opened MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, our first restaurant of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.

Tell us about some of the key inspirations from other cities and places you have visited

I am inspired by travel, fashion, music, movies, art, people etc. At every “new” city I’m going to, I always get so much inspiration, so I just take bits and pieces from everywhere and give it my own interpretation.

So, to Ibiza: how does this incredible island influence the design and ethos of IZAKAYA?

When we opened the doors of IZAKAYA Ibiza we tried to connect with the nature, with Ibiza life and with the whole vibe of the island. That’s why we put a swimming pool in the middle of the venue, there’s lots of greenery, a real tropical feeling.

Had you spent time in Ibiza before?

I have been visiting Ibiza already from a very young age, and I always felt a strong connection with the island. It gave me a positive vibe and happy feeling. It’s the people that come here, the culture and mindset people have.

It must be a very busy, exciting life-style. How do you do it all? 

How I see it? That I can be a CEO, a mother, a wife, and friend. For me it’s important that I can be all of these, to be completely myself. When I was 28, I got my first child and a lot of people around me said that things wouldn’t be the same anymore. This is my life and I’m proud of that.

This issue is all about health and fitness of the body, soul and mind. Tell us three things you do which you think are vital for a healthy, happy life? 

The most important thing is to always listen to your body. It will always tell you what it needs. It is about finding the perfect balance between all your to-dos, but also spending time with your loved ones.

Sound advice. Finally: what can we expect to see in the near future from you and the group?

By the end of this year, we are opening our modern steakhouse, MR PORTER, on a prime location in London. This will be on a prime location near Hyde Park. In 2024 we are also opening a MR PORTER in Dubai. MR PORTER is a very strong concept. It’s now in its eighth year, having our first location in Amsterdam (2015) and a second one in Barcelona (2019). It’s a shared dining concept with a Mediterranean cuisine. IZAKAYA is also opening soon in Milan!

Passeig Joan Carles I, 1, Ibiza.

Phone. +34 87 118 25 26.