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The structure of a superclub: ‘O Beach Pool Party’

Celebrating its 10th year, O Beach Ibiza has made a huge comeback in 2022 with its daily dose of the ultimate beach club experience! Don’t miss the Friday Pool Party!


Celebrating its 10th year, O Beach Ibiza has made a huge comeback in  2022 with its daily dose of the ultimate beach club experience! The venue is looking better than ever with its 600m2 swimming pool glistening in the sun and its big but friendly team providing service with a smile that’s always professional. Renowned worldwide for their fun and immersive “wow”-factor shows, the O Beach team have taken things to the next level this year with a special production for the flagship event, the Friday Pool Party, which features house, soul, R&B and everything in between.


Climb aboard the weekly Time Machine every Friday and be taken on the ride of your life through some of the greatest eras in time. Kicking off in the Swinging Sixties, you’ll be La la Bamba-ing with the hippies, until anarchy descends upon the club as a feisty mob of punks appears on the ground and from the skies aboard a giant skull to the angry riff of The Prodigy’s Firestarter and Fisher’s Losing It!

Next up, time travel backwards again to the 18th century with some super-sassy Marie Antoinettes, who you’ll see vogueing their way through the venue on a horse and carriage while a rogue bunch of sky sailors hovers overhead aboard an old ghost ship looking to see what jewels they can steal from the queens below.

And no time-travel trip is complete without a glance forward to the future where you’ll meet a 10-metre She-Bot who’ll land in the beach club from the sky with her artificially intelligent crew dancing in unison to Azzido Da Bass’s Dooms Night, along with acrobats flying over your head on sway poles.


We interviewed the Creative Events Director of O Beach.

Ten years of O Beach. That is mad. When did you join the team?

I joined the team in 2013 – the year Pool Party launched! O Beach has never been about headline DJs and from the very beginning we wanted to stand out as a great venue with incredible shows. Our music was always about giving our crowd what they want, which is uplifting nostalgic vocal house with big drops!

What has been your favourite event over the years?

Pool Party! Over the years we have had some outstanding shows, including Pool Party Wunderlust, which took the crowd on a journey across the world, including a special moment where we took everyone to London with a giant red double-decker bus coming across the sky with Freddie Mercury, Mary Poppins and the crowd rocking out to We Will Rock You!  

People still talk about the circus year… Yes, we ran off to the circus in 2018, which saw a giant elephant tied to a hot-air balloon descend across the skies with ringmasters, caged tigers (not real ones, don’t worry) and clowns on stilts. Fridays are just a really fun day, tongue in cheek, entertainments from the sky, ground, stage, pool and crowd, and everyone is always just so happy every week and the staff love getting involved too.

What if I turned up on a Thursday?

Our Thursday event is ON111. Our “riot police” turn up with their riot shields along with a New York police car and rescue helicopter in the sky – but if you take a closer look, they are actually called Peace Officers and their main aim of the day is to get people back on the dancefloor after the last two years of craziness we have all endured with the ban on dancing!