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Beach Club Etiquette

All are welcome at Tanit Beach Club. Have fun… but behave yourself! Some things are just plain wrong. Use our guide and you won’t get caught out!

Tanit beach Ibiza

Go Easy on the PDAs

Hey, we’re not saying a kiss and cuddle are wrong, and holding hands or lying down with your sweetheart is all well and good – but know where to draw the line. Full-blown French kissing and extended sessions of frenetic body-rubbing are going to draw unwanted attention. And probably get you arrested.

The Sea Is Not for Doing Your Business

There is nothing quite as unsettling as looking up from your prime position on your Bali bed and seeing some kid, or his dad, tinkling in the cool blue water of the Mediterranean. It goes without saying that this kind of anti-social and frankly unhygienic nonsense is a no-no for grown-ups too.

Personal Space Is Personal

All that semi-naked skin, all that sunshine, all those drinks, the music… some people down at the beach get lulled into a warm tingly sense of overfamiliarity. Don’t use the warm vibes as an excuse to get into other beach-goers’ personal space. Kick back, keep your distance and be cool.

Nudity Is for Nudist Beaches

We know what it’s like. One minute you’re enjoying yourself, relaxing in the rays, feeling good about life and love and everything else; the next you’re stripped down to your sunglasses and doing a lithe sun dance to your adoring fans. Well… just… don’t.

Frisbee Free Zone

At the beach club some games are sanctioned, some games are part of the entertainment. But what’s not acceptable is flinging a frisbee at 98km/h directly at the heads of a group of sun lovers enjoying an afternoon snooze, or pretending to be Lionel Messi in front of an imaginary crowd in your head.

Keep It Down

Your own personal taste in music is just that: personal. We know sometimes you’ll have the overwhelming urge to share your deep love of Harry Styles with the whole beach by cranking up your little speaker to 11. Well: nobody wants to listen. Leave the entertainment to the professionals.

Tanit beach Ibiza