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The Tapas Experience

You meet your friends. You chat. You have a glass of wine and order a few delicious small plates. You share and you sample a little of everything. Over the past ten years, Tapas Ibiza has perfected its craft: fantastic food, friendly service and a wonderful setting. Here – with a little help – we’ve picked out some of its most exquisite offerings, both traditional and modern. Now all you have to do is go try them.

1. Chargrilled Aubergine Dip Sharing Board

A perfect smoke-infused smooth dip, fused with parsley, lemon and a hint of garlic. The home-made tortilla chips are crispy, and the toasted bread and olives spot on.

tapas ibiza

2. Pan Fried Butterbeans 

The zesty Mediterranean butter bean has come a long way since it was first cultivated in Peru 5,000 years ago. And right here, in this pan heading for your mouth, is where it was always meant to be.

tapas ibiza

3. Balsamic & Chilli Glazed Octopus 

Some experiments are truly successful. Take this tender octopus in its zesty glaze – it started life as a ‘special’ and proved so popular it’s now available every day.

tapas ibiza

4. Seafood Medley

A veritable harvest of the freshest from the sea: juicy mussels, tender John Dory and succulent king prawns, all steamed in the house brandy-cream sauce.

tapas ibiza

5. Tuna

The tuna is marine royalty, isn’t it? And when it is pan-seared and served with avocado lime purée, honey and soya sauce, and wakame, it gains its sceptre and crown.

tapas ibiza

6. Braised Lamb

We had never tasted tender lamb matched with seasoned tomato orzo and topped with Mahon Menorca cheese before. We felt like we’d wasted years. Delicious.

7. Chocolate, coconut and orange dessert 

We didn’t think we had a sweet tooth until we tried this homemade dessert. Being both vegan & gluten free everyone can finish their meal with the winning combination of chocolate, coconut and orange.

Camí des Regueró, 4, 07820, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears.
T. 971 341 125. ·