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The end of the logo

Remember your closet a few years ago, completely overrun by brand logos and emblems?. Dressing without flaunting anagrams, initials or other designer labels is now the new luxury.
by Carol López · Photo: @Mint&Rose

Let’s look back at how we have dressed over the last six to eight years: good styling could not be understood without the presence of a brand or a clearly visible logo. Crossed initials, small embroidered badges, figures and scribbles of any kind that unmistakably allude to a well-known designer have been synonymous with power in terms of fashion for years now.

The big brands started a trend that soon became a commandment. And, as is usually the case, this went from the catwalk to the street: the small ones copied the big ones, and no fashionista has dared to dress without being wrapped in logos from head to toe in an eagerness to proclaim their desire to embrace the latest trend loud and clear.

Espadrilles, by Mint & Rose. Photo: @Mint&Rose


But as is often the case with the shifting of fashion cycles, saturation has been a driver of change. We have gone from the omnipresence of the logo to a return to minimalism with echoes of the nineties: clean cuts, neutral colors, an absence of prints or distinctive brand elements… All with high-quality and sustainable materials. And although logos will never disappear because of their great expressive power in our pop culture, it seems that this season their presence will be less ostentatious, more discreet, shyer…

Swimsuit, by Wapa (Photo: @wapabrand). Cardigan and trousers, by The New Society. (Photo: @The New Society)


Buy les and make it last. Opt for a timeless closet whith garments that will be with you for years to come. For those on the Pityusic Islands, there are wild cards to adapt the trend of quiet luxury to the beach, an evening out at sunset or on the dance floor: a white linen shirt, crochet shorts, straight jeans, a black swimsuit, espadrilles in ecru white, a striped T-shirt, a leather shoulder bag in a natural colour or a cool short-sleeved shirt in organic cotton or linen are the infallible essential pieces.

Cotton shirt and shorts, by Loewe. (Photo ©Loewe)


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